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Wax Model for Diamond Ring

Wax carving for Platinum and Yellow Gold Diamond Ring Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

Here, we feature several photos of the wax prototype we created for a platinum and 18kt yellow gold ring.   We often create a wax carving of a design to provide our clients with a three dimensional version of their concept.   This assures that you will have a realistic idea of what the design will look like....especially if, like most of us, you have difficulty visualizing the final jewel from a two dimensional sketch.

A wax carving also allows our client to modify and enhance the design prior to working in precious metals.   If a change is desired, this is the time to make it.   It is much easier and less costly to modify the wax, than a finished gold or platinum jewel.

wax sample for Platinum, Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring - 3/4 view

This 3/4 view shows the placement of the smaller side diamonds at a lower height than the center diamond, as well as the thickness of the bezel settings.   You can also see the positioning and width of the proposed central platinum strip.

Creating a wax carving adds approximately two to three weeks to the design process, but we think that it is an important step.   It helps assure that the designer, client and goldsmith are communicating.   We want you to be completely satisfied with your design and recommend creating a wax carving to give you a preliminary idea of the final jewel.

Wax carving for Platinum, Gold and Diamond Ring - side view.

The side-view of the wax prototype shows the thickness (gauge) of the ring at the base and shoulders.   If, after examining the wax, the client decides that they envision different proportions or widths, it is easy to revise the design.   The wax carving also shows the setting height of the stones and the style of bezel proposed for the final ring.

Now that you have seen the wax carving why don't you
take another look at the  finished ring!

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