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Diamond Ring in Platinum and Gold

Custom-created Fire and Ice ring with diamonds.

Fire and Ice

An elegant platinum and 18kt yellow gold ring showcasing dazzling round brilliant-cut diamonds in platinum half bezels.  The clean simple lines of this ring offer versatility as you go from the office to an evening on the town.

Our client asked us to help her create a new ring to showcase her engagement diamond.  The diamonds had tremendous sentimental value and she wanted to set them a new ring that she could wear and enjoy everyday.

Custom-created Fire and Ice ring with diamonds.

This 3/4 view shows the smooth and seemingly effortless joint (seam) between the inner platinum strip and the yellow gold band.....known in the trade as a "slip ring".   The bezel is beautifully set atop the band with a nearly invisible seam.

Combining platinum and yellow gold is very difficult, because the metals melt at different temperatures and behave differently when worked.   Thus, a jewel combining platinum and gold requires a highly skilled craftsman.

Consumer Tip:    When considering platinum and gold jewelry always be wary of messy solder joints, porosity in the metals (air bubbles) and uneven seams.

Custom-created Fire and Ice ring with diamonds.

A well made jewel is as nicely finished on the underside and inside as it is on top.   Here is a wonderful example of fine finishing.   Our ring is smooth inside and out, and has symmetrical, even cut-outs for each of the diamonds.

Always pay close attention to the thickness (gauge) of a band.   This ring has a nice thick gauge that will provide many years of wear.   In our appraisal work we often see ring shanks (made by less conscientious jewelers) that are very thin and will wear out in no time at all.

When purchasing a ring, you should always check the thickness of the shank.   It should be at least 1.3mm thick for a standard Tiffany-style engagement ring and at least 1.5mm thick for a wider ring like the one shown here.   The thickness of our ring is an exceptional 2.5mm.

Close-up of bezel-set center diamond.

Variations on the Theme

We can create this ring for you with any combination of precious metals, such as 14kt and 18kt yellow gold, rose or pink gold, white gold and platinum.   The ring can then be finished in a variety of textures including satin, Florentine and a bright polish.   The choices are all yours!   Please call for a consultation and quote on the ring you wish to create - (603) 624-8672.

We can also help you acquire any diamonds and colored gemstones you desire for this design, including ideal-cut diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites and much, much more.

If you would like to learn more about how we created
this elegant ring,  take a peek at the  wax design.

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