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Custom Designed Trellis Ring with
Flanders Brilliant Diamond

Diamond anniversary ring in platinum and 18kt yellow gold from Bijoux Extraordinaire, your diamond ring and Flanders brilliant experts.

Flanders Brilliant!

A couple,  who have been long-term clients,  were approaching their 25th wedding anniversary and the husband wanted to give his wife a truly special ring with a very special diamond.  We first showed him several beautiful round brilliants,  but he wanted something a little different.  Next we suggested a newer style of diamond cut,  the Flanders Brilliant.  He just fell in love with a 3-carat Flanders Brilliant and asked us to create a special ring to showcase this diamond.

To complement the Flanders Brilliant we helped our client select two princess-cut and two trilliant-cut diamonds.  Next we worked with him to design a trellis ring in platinum and yellow gold to showcase all these glittering diamonds.  The result,  as you can see above,  is a spectacular show stopper that his wife immediately fell in love with!  This was a truly memorable anniversary for the couple.

Cost: This beautiful ring was custom created for a client.  We would love to work with you to create a similar ring using the center and side stones of your choice.  Please call  (603 624-8672)  or  send an email  for an estimate of time frames and cost.

Side view of platinum and 18kt gold ring with Flanders brilliant.

The above view shows the elegant sweeping arrangement of the platinum prongs.  The prongs securely hold the diamonds while appearing light and airy,  like a trellis in a garden.  The cool whiteness of the platinum beautifully complements the brilliance of the diamonds and creates a bold contrast to the rich warm yellow of the 18kt gold band.

The Flanders Brilliant is set at the highest point with each subsequent pair of diamonds  (princess-cuts and then trilliants)  set slightly lower.  This allows the diamonds and setting to follow the natural curve of the wearer's finger.  If you were to create this ring with all the diamonds set at the same level,  the ring would appear awkward,  boxy and flat.  Not a ring we would want to make!

View of metal purity and maker's hallmarks.

All of our custom-designed jewels are stamped with a metal purity mark and Bijoux Extraordinaire's hallmark,  "BEL".  Since this special ring was created with both platinum and 18kt gold,  it displays the marks for both of these precious metals.  When examining fine jewelry always look for the metal purity and artisan's hallmark.  They are an indication of the pride the craftsman took in his or her work.

All of our trellis rings are handcrafted and set with the gemstones you choose.  We love creating these rings in platinum and 18kt yellow gold:  but,  if you prefer,  this style of ring can also be made in all platinum,  all white gold,  or all yellow gold.  The choice is yours!  There are also many styles of band that you may want to consider.  So,  if you are looking for something different,  elegant and dazzling,  let's work together to create a Trellis ring for your next special occasion!

A trellis ring is one of the most elegant ways to set a beautiful gemstone.
Here are several trellis rings we recently created to showcase
sapphires, tanzanites and diamonds ....

Platinum trellis ring set with an oval sapphire and two diamonds. Tanzanite and diamond trellis ring in platinum and 18kt gold. Sapphire and Diamond Trellis Ring

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