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Platinum Engagement Band with
a Diamond and Sapphires

Custom platinum wedding band with diamonds and sapphires.


A beautiful jewel should tell a beautiful story.  This platinum band is a wonderful example of how one couple chose to celebrate their love for each other and the life they share together.  Each element of the ring has a special significance for the couple.

Custom platinum wedding band with diamonds and sapphires.

The band is crafted in platinum with a recessed compartment set between two brightly finished rims.  The backfield of the recessed compartment is textured with an antique stipple finish that nicely contrasts with the other design elements.

Equally spaced within the recessed compartment are pairs of beautifully sculpted five-petal flowers.  And,  between the flowers a sparkling diamond and three rich blue sapphires are bezel set.

View of Bijoux Extraordinaire and platinum hallmarks.

As always,  the inside of a ring should be as beautifully finished as the outside.  Note the smooth, polished surfaces and the thickness of the band's sides.  Each of the gemstones is set  á jouré  with a small circular window cut out beneath the setting.

And,  of course,  no fine jewel is complete without the hallmarks for the maker and the precious metals.  Above you can see the Bijoux Extraordinaire's registered hallmark ("BEL") and  "PLAT"  indicating the ring is crafted from platinum.  These marks are your assurance of quality.

Custom platinum wedding band with diamonds and sapphires.

The Story Behind the Ring

So what are the significant symbols in this band and what do they mean?  We are glad you asked, because this band tells a very special story.

The couple with whom we created this ring met eight years ago in Alaska.  Naturally,  the state flower of Alaska is a five-petal flower known appropriately as a "Forget Me Not".  So we incorporated eight Forget Me Nots into the ring, one for each year since they met!

The four gemstones bezel-set in the ring represent the four cardinal points of the compass with the diamond pointing towards "true North".  Each of the three sapphires point to a new direction in their future life together,  while the diamond always points home.

Custom platinum wedding bands with diamonds and sapphires.Custom platinum wedding bands with diamonds and sapphires.

Name:  Forget Me Not!


This platinum band was custom created for a special couple.  We would love to custom create a unique ring for you with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.

The platinum band is  6.0 millimeters (mm) wide.  The three sapphire and diamond are 3.0 mm in diameter.

One of the best parts of working with a couple to create a custom ring is the reaction when they first see the finished jewel.  Here is what our client,  Derek,  had to say:

Courtney was very pleased with the ring and the incredible attention to detail in the flower work.  It was finally nice to get the ring off my hands and onto her finger;  now the pressure is on her to keep it safe.

People have been impressed with the design and craftsmanship.  I mention how I discovered the rings posted on your web site.  Not truly knowing how the ring would finally look,  your confidence increased my trust in the process.  I am grateful for your help in making the vision in my head become a reality.
Thanks,  Derek

Creating unique wedding and engagement rings with special meanings is what we do
at Bijoux Extraordinaire.  Here are a few more of our recent creations ....

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