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Custom Engagement Rings

Platinum Channel Set Diamond Custom Fit Wedding Band
The tradition of giving a ring at betrothal dates to the Middle Ages.  When it became the custom to have a waiting period between betrothal and marriage, an engagement ring was given as a symbol of the promise and commitment.

The early engagement rings were custom designed and hand crafted.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire  we continue this tradition.  Over the years we have helped many couples create beautiful rings to celebrate their commitment,  passion and individual personalities.
Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two calf-head diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.
Below are some of the custom engagement rings and wedding bands we have helped couples create.  These rings give a sense of our commitment to craftsmanship and the range of styles with which we work.

As you view the custom rings below,  please keep in mind that many of the designs can be adapted to suit your taste.  If you would like to discuss design variations,
please give us a call  603 624-8672  or  send us an email.

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

Something New, Something Blue  A striking Tanzanite and diamond engagement ring with a complementing diamond wedding band.  Custom designed and crafted in platinum.

Mesmerizing custom platinum ring with three diamonds.

Mesmerizing  An elegant custom engagement ring set with three diamonds that beautifully captures the tradition of two becoming one.

Custom Platinum, 18kt Yellow Gold, Tsavorite Garnet and Diamond Ring from Bijoux Extraordinaire, the custom jewelry ring experts.

Tsavoire Faire!  A custom platinum engagement ring featuring a vibrant Tsavorite Garnet and sparkling diamonds.

Custom diamond ring.

Scintillating!  A brilliant, ideal-cut Diamond set with a cascade of graduated smaller stones in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Hand-engraved Spessartitie Garnet ring.

Tangerine Sunset  A vibrant orange Spessartite Garnet glows like a tropical sunset at the center of this custom platinum engagement ring.  Beautifully hand engraved and accented with brilliant diamonds and a small Demantoid Garnet.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

The Majestic   An Asscher-cut diamond of mesmerizing beauty set with trapezoid and Fancy Pink diamonds in a custom platinum and rose gold ring.

Emerald-cut ruby set with trilliant diamonds in a custom engraved platinum ring.

Regal Ruby  A fiery red ruby,  trilliant diamonds and beautiful hand engraving grace this handcrafted platinum ring

Aquamarine and Diamond handcrafted platinum ring.

Alluring Aquamarine   A crisp, cool blue Aquamarine set with four Princess-cut Diamonds in a custom crafted platinum ring.

Three stone platinum ring with three oval diamonds.

Past, Present, Future  A striking platinum ring featuring three oval diamonds.  Read the story of how we created this ring for a client from New York.

Oval Diamond set with 6 brilliant Pink Diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

Pink Passion  A brilliant white Diamond,  surrounded by cool sleek platinum,  rich rose gold milgraining and lush Pink Diamonds.

An Asscher-cut Diamond set with two Blue-Violet Round Diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Asscher and Violets  An Asscher-cut Diamond set with two Violet Diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Custom hand-engraved platinum ring with Sapphire.

Sapphire Scrolls Bridal Set  Beautiful sapphires are not just for the blues!  This custom created platinum ring features a vibrant color-change sapphire set in a romantic design of engraved rolling scrolls and delicate flowers.

Three Flanders cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Flanders Promise   Three Flanders Brilliant diamonds set in a beautiful custom platinum ring.

A cushion-cut Tsavorite garnet set in a beautifully hand crafted and engraved platinum ring.

Tsavorite Secret Garden  A striking cushion-cut Tsavorite set in a beautifully hand crafted and engraved platinum ring.

Custom platinum diamond ring with 18kt infinity symbols.

Endless Love  A brilliant round diamond set between golden symbols of infinite love in a custom platinum ring.

Three Emerald-cut Diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Celebration  A trilogy of striking Emerald-cut diamonds set in a custom-designed platinum ring.  The surfaces of the ring are beautifully hand engraved and sprinkled with small diamonds.

Trillium tanzanite and diamond custom platinum ring.

Knock Out!  A striking ring that is sure to  "Knock you out!"  A gorgeous velvety violet-Blue trillium tanzanite accented with round brilliant diamonds showcased in a custom designed platinum ring.

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with kite-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Radiant Synergy   A striking Radiant-cut Yellow diamond set in a custom engraved ring for an engineer and a mathematician.  Hand crafted in platinum and 18kt gold.

Custom diamond and sapphire ring crafted in platinum and gold.

Smooth as Silk  Sparkling diamonds and vibrant sapphires set in silky smooth gold and platinum.  This ring will create a subtle sensation.

A trilliant diamond ring with three small sapphires.

Brilliant Trilliant  A couple wanted an engagement ring that was imaginative and timeless.  We began with a trilliant diamond,  added three blue sapphires and set them in a flowing handcrafted platinum ring.

Custom platinum engagement ring with rose and green gold accents.

Winter Garden   A gentleman wanted to create the ring of his girlfriend's dreams.  He knew that sparkling diamonds set among intricately carved rose gold flowers and green gold leaves would be the perfect engagement ring.

A cushion-cut Sapphire set in a beautifully hand crafted and engraved platinum ring.

Sapphire Secret Garden II  A fine cushion-cut sapphire set with two emeralds and a small peridot in a wonderfully handcrafted, hand-engraved platinum ring.

An Asscher-cut Diamond set with Fancy Intense Pink Diamonds in a custom platinum engagement ring.

Asscher Tingle II  A striking Asscher-cut diamond set with six Fancy Intense Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum engagement ring.

An Old European-cut diamond set with Fancy Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

European Criss Cross   A magnificent Old European-cut diamond set with six round brilliants and forty four Fancy Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Red Spinel trellis ring set with diamonds.

Red Spinel Trellis  A glowing Red Spinel and two sparkling diamonds held in the graceful,  sweeping prongs of an elegant trellis ring.

Platinum diamond ring with 18kt gold accents.

Diamond Hidden Treasures  A brilliant ideal-cut diamond set with two smaller hidden diamonds and yellow gold accents in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Platinum Channel Set Diamond Custom Fit Wedding Band

Radiant Sapphire Breathless Ring and Diamond Band  A striking handcrafted platinum and radiant-cut Sapphire ring with matching wide platinum band channel set with diamonds.

Platinum engagement ring featuring an oval tanzanite and trilliant fancy yellow diamonds with matching wedding band.

Horizontal Blue  A radiant 2-carat tanzanite is accented by two trilliant-cut intense yellow diamonds set in this custom platinum engagement ring.  A matching platinum wedding band was hand crafted to rest snuggly beside the engagement ring.

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Breathless   A  beautiful Fancy Intense blue diamond set with two ideal-cut round diamonds in an elegant handcrafted platinum ring.

Hand-engraved platinum and gold ring with an emerald cut diamond.

Hearts Forever  An emerald-cut diamond,  a bold design and beautifully hand-engraved scrolls combine to create a striking ring.  A couple wanted a unique and personal ring to celebrate their love and life together.

Platinum and rose gold ring with an ideal-cut diamond and trilliants.

Roses and Satin   A handcrafted platinum and rose gold ring set with a round Ideal-cut diamond and two trilliant diamonds.  The ring is finished with a satin-like glow to give it a softer look.

Platinum anniversary ring featuring a fancy yellow diamond and 19 princess cut diamonds.

Diamond Cascade   A brilliant fancy yellow diamond and  19 princess cut diamonds are beautifully set in this hand crafted and engraved platinum ring.

Custom tanzanite and diamond platinum ring.

Knock Out with Scrolls  A gorgeous violet-blue trillium tanzanite accented with round brilliant diamonds in a custom designed platinum ring.  The sides of the ring are accented with 18kt gold scrolls.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two calf-head diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

Symphony of Light  A  striking Asscher-cut diamond set with two "calf head" side diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.  The matching contoured band is set with seven round brilliants.

Custom platinum wedding band with diamonds and sapphires.

Forget Me Not  A beautiful jewel should tell a beautiful story.  This custom platinum ring is set with sapphires and a diamond. It tells the story of how a couple met and the life they share.

Oval tanzanite set with 6 brilliant diamonds in a custom platinum and gold ring.

Tanzanite Fleur  Our client,  a Manhattan executive,  wanted a special engagement ring for his future fiance.  We created an original design set with a striking violet-blue tanzanite.  Needless to say his fiance was very happy.

Custom platinum ring with oval diamond and 6 Princess cuts.

Diamond Pizzazz II   A beautiful oval diamond set with six Princess-cut diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.  For added pizzazz,  two Fancy Intense Yellow are set in the sides of the bezel setting.

Three-stone diamond engagement ring crafted in 18kt gold and platinum with hidden hearts.

Heart to Heart  A traditional three-stone ring featuring a round brilliant diamond and two trilliant side diamonds.  Handcrafted in 18kt gold and platinum this striking ring features a surprise,  two golden hearts set beneath the center diamond!  A beautiful custom ring that was created for a special couple!

Emerald cut sapphire and diamond ring in platinum.

Blue Flame I  A rich blue emerald-cut sapphire flanked by two cool white emerald-cut diamonds.  A special ring created to celebrate a very special occasion.

A set of custom wedding rings set with diamonds and crafted in yellow, rose and green gold.

The Golden Garden  Our client was inspired by the multi-color flowered jewels of the Victorian era and wanted to create a special engagement ring and wedding band.  So we helped him create a Golden Garden!

Mellow Yellow  Simple,  bold,  clean lines characterize this sophisticated design featuring a Fancy Yellow diamond.

Platinum sapphire ring with two hidden diamonds and 18kt gold accents.

Platinum Hidden Treasures  We call this ring design  "Hidden Treasures,"  because of two small diamonds and gold accents that are secreted beneath the rich blue sapphire.  The sapphire is set in graceful platinum prongs that complement the gently scalloped shoulders of the ring.

Platinum, 18kt gold and diamond custom wedding ring.

Razzle Dazzle  Seven dazzling diamonds sparkle across the top of this platinum and 18kt gold custom wedding ring.  Our clients wanted to create a wedding band that was both exceptional in design and craftsmanship,  so we added a couple of special touches!

Platinum ring with three ideal cut diamonds and custom platinum band.

Platinum Promise with Band   A striking platinum engagement ring featuring three ideal-cut diamonds and a custom created platinum band.  The band is set with seven brilliant diamonds along its gently curving top.

Trillium sapphire set in an engraved platinum ring.

Sapphire Solitaire  This beautiful engagement ring features a solitary gemstone,  a striking trillium cut sapphire.  The sapphire is a rich blue color and set in cool,  white platinum.  The ring is beautifully hand engraved and the edges are milgrained for an added hint of elegance.

Emerald cut sapphire and baguette diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Sapphire Geometry  Cool platinum,  a royal blue sapphire,  brilliant white diamonds and a simple,  yet elegant,  design,  come together to create a striking ring.  Celebrating the spirit and beauty of Art Deco jewels,  this ringing features a  1.5 carat sapphire and two baguette diamonds.

Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

Cool Ice   An all platinum ring featuring an outstanding 2 carat oval diamond and beautiful trilliant cut diamonds.   This ring was made to celebrate the engagement of a quality minded couple.

Engraved platinum ring with fancy yellow diamond.

Fancy Yellow  A beautiful 2.03 carat fancy intense yellow diamond,  elegantly engraved platinum and a wonderful design all come together to create a striking engagement ring.  An equally striking contoured wedding band was created to complement the ring.

Star sapphire engagement ring with matching custom-fit band.

Solitary Star   A striking star sapphire sparkles at the top of this 18kt white gold engagement ring.  Our clients wanted a distinctive engagement ring,  so we worked with them and a master goldsmith to create this beautifully handcrafted design.  A matching custom-fit wedding band was also created.

Platinum ring with three ideal cut diamonds.

Platinum Promise  Three spectacular ideal cut diamonds set in a graceful platinum ring.  The design of this ring blends elegance and modernism into a jewel that is sure to turn heads.  And,  best of all,  there is even a surprise!

Engraved platinum engagement ring with diamonds.

Engraved Elegance   The cool elegance of platinum and diamonds accented with beautifully detailed hand engraving.   We have also created a beautiful wedding band to complement this striking design.

Ideal-cut diamonds set in a custom 18kt gold and platinum ring.

Dazzling Diamonds  Ideal cut diamonds,  platinum and 18kt gold all add sparkle to this custom ring.  This beautiful jewel features many dazzling elements:  channel set diamonds along the shoulders,  inset platinum scrolls on the side of the ring,  and a unique platinum setting for the center stone.  You may want to put on your sunglasses before you go any further!

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring.

Sapphire Delight  A rich blue sapphire and two accenting trilliant diamonds add color and sparkle to this beautiful three-stone platinum engagement ring.

Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires and Ice   A sparkling diamond and rich blue sapphires are featured in this elegant engagement ring.  We created this ring in platinum and 18kt gold for a young man getting ready to pop "the big question."

Traditional Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Ideal-Cut Diamonds  Our client wanted "the perfect engagement ring for a perfect fiancee."  We helped him create an elegant three stone ring featuring ideal-cut diamonds,  platinum and 18kt yellow gold.

Platinum engagement ring with tapered baguette diamonds.

Platinum Double Taper  A custom platinum engagement ring featuring a round brilliant diamond set between four tapered baguette diamonds.  This design captures the simple elegance of the platinum diamond rings created during the middle decades of the last century.

Sapphire and Diamond Trellis Ring

Sapphire Trellis Ring  A rich blue sapphire and brilliant white diamonds cradled in a platinum trellis setting.  In this style of ring the prongs sweep gently upward,  like the branches of a Victorian garden trellis.  The shank of the ring is crafted in 18kt yellow gold.  This elegant ring can be set with the diamonds or colored gemstones of your choice.

Platinum and diamond engagement ring.

Platinum Geometry   An emerald-cut diamond accented by two tapered baguette diamonds.   The cool geometry of beautifully cut diamonds set in the cool white platinum.

Platinum Ingenuity  An elegantly crafted platinum ring cradles a solitaire diamond.  The sides of the ring are highly polished and rise gently to form "buttresses" that frame the diamond.  The diamond is securely held by four platinum prongs.  A matching handcrafted wedding band complements this engagement ring.

Sapphire and trilliant diamond engagement ring custom designed in platinum with matching wedding band.

Cool Blue  Our client wanted an engagement ring that combined classic elegance with a modern flair.  We helped him create a stunning platinum engagement ring featuring a rich blue sapphire,  two trilliant-cut diamonds and a matching wedding band.

Custom square platinum ring with sapphire and diamonds.

Cool to be Square  A non-traditional engagement ring created for a couple with an artistic flair.  The ring features a rich blue sapphire and two ideal-cut diamonds.  Masterfully crafted in platinum the ring is wonderful composition of circles and squares.

Custom Wedding Bands

Platinum bands set with pink diamonds.

Pretty in Pink with Diamonds  A wonderful couple wanted to celebrate their wedding with a unique and special pair of rings.  We worked with them to custom create two platinum bands each set with a fancy intense pink diamond.

Hand engraved platinum band set with diamonds.

Flowers and Scrolls  Flowing scrolls and diamond-set flowers grace this beautiful wedding band.  The band is hand-engraved with five delicate flowers set between flowing scrolls.

Platinum and gold wedding band with sapphires.

Sapphires in Satin  A beautiful platinum and 18kt gold band with three bright blue sapphires.  The platinum and gold glow with a soft satin finish.

Custom wedding ring with seven princess-cut diamonds.

Gent's Razzle Dazzle  A gentleman wanted a wedding ring that bespoke sophisticated elegance and uncompromising craftsmanship.  So we custom created this ring featuring seven princess-cut diamonds and 18kt gold accents.

Custom wedding rings with hidden messages.

Hidden Messages  A matching set of custom platinum wedding rings with hidden messages.  Each ring consists of two bands that are connected by a hidden hinge.  The inner surfaces of the bands are hand engraved with secret messages.

18kt gold band with hand engraved scrolls.

Art of the Engraver  A collection of beautifully hand engraved rings showing the variety of styles and patterns in which our engravers work.

Platinum ring with three ideal cut diamonds and custom platinum band.

Custom-Fit Wedding Bands  One of our specialties is creating custom wedding bands that snuggle up and fit smoothly beside your engagement ring.  Take a look at some of our designs!

Other Jewelry Galleries

Ruby and diamond ring in 18kt gold.

Engagement Rings  -  An exciting collection of some of our favorite engagement rings and wedding bands.  You will find our own custom designs,  as well as the work of several talented jewelry designers and manufacturers!

Sapphire and diamond ring in 18kt gold.

Sapphire Rings  -  A collection of striking sapphire rings.  Each of these sapphire rings exemplifies our commitment to exceptional design,  exquisite gemstones and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Diamond engagement rings.

Diamond Rings  -  Diamonds are known as  "the King of gems and the gem of Kings."  Here we present a gallery of some of our favorite diamond rings.  Most of these rings were custom created for clients who wanted a unique and personal jewel.  These jewels are beautifully crafted in platinum and gold.

Sapphire and diamond wedding or anniversary band.

Anniversary and Wedding Bands  -  Many of these bands are custom designs that we created for clients,  others are from goldsmiths and jewelry designers with whom we work.

Platinum and yellow gold diamond ring.

Custom Designed Jewelry   Many of the jewels we create are commissioned by clients who are celebrating a special anniversary,  friend or loved one.  Here are some of the special jewels we have created.  

Hand-engraved 18kt gold ring with tsavorite garnet and diamonds.

Bijoux Original Collection  -  At Bijoux Extraordinaire,  we believe that every beautiful gemstone is the beginning of an extraordinary jewel.  In this collection we celebrate exotic, beautiful gemstones set in our own jewelry designs.

Customer Service

How We Do Business - This section describes how we do business and covers such important topics as payment terms, return policy and shipping.   If you consider purchasing one of the jewels in the Gallery, we recommend that you review this section.

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