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Fancy Yellow Radiant-cut Diamond
in a Custom Platinum Ring

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with heart-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Golden Radiance

A couple wanted to celebrate a special anniversary with a beautiful yellow diamond set in a striking jewel.  They asked us to help them find the right diamond and create this beautiful custom ring.

The stunning yellow diamond is a radiant cut that weighs over  3 carats.  It is internally flawless and has a color grade of Fancy Intense Yellow.  Naturally,  this beautiful diamond deserves a special setting.

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with heart-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

The diamond is showcased in a hand-made ring crafted in platinum and 18kt yellow gold.  The yellow diamond is set in 18kt yellow gold prongs.  The color of the gold complements the yellow of the diamond and nicely contrasts with the cool white of the platinum and side diamonds.

The first step in creating the ring was helping the couple find just the right center stone.  We worked with diamond cutters throughout the world and reviewed many fine yellow diamonds.  From the many diamonds we evaluated we selected the "best of the best"..... the six stones shown below.

Line up of six fancy yellow diamonds.

When considering a colored diamond or fine gemstone,  it is important to closely examine a line-up of the best gems and compare the stones first hand.  This is the only way to evaluate the subtle variations in color and brilliance that will help you determine which of the gems is truly  "the best of the best."

From this glittering line-up of yellow diamonds,  our clients choose the second stone from the left,  because of its intense yellow color and the quality of its cut.  This diamond glows with an intense golden aura.

Side view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

The two heart-shape diamonds were chosen to match the sparkle and brilliance of the center stone.  They weigh just under one carat in total weight and are D color.  When selecting heart-shape diamonds you want to choose stones with a gracefully tapered point,  well rounded lobes and a distinct cleft.  Poorly cut stones will appear flat, blocky and indistinct  -  more like a watery lump,  than a romantic heart.

The platinum band of the ring was crafted from two platinum wires which were fused together to create a "double ribbed" effect.  The ribbed shape of the band complements the lobes and cleft of the heart-shape diamonds and creates a stylish, distinct look.  The band narrows slightly as it gracefully rises up to meet the side diamonds.

Side view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

We call this style of three-stone ring our "Platinum Promise" design.  The dramatic upward sweep of the prongs and the narrowing of the band as it rises up to meet the heart-shape diamonds gives the ring a fluid,  dynamic look.  The design elegantly highlights the beauty of the gemstones.

We also like to add a hidden surprise to this design.  Between the upper gallery and base of the main setting a small round brilliant diamond is channel set.  These sparkling diamonds  (we call them  "Hidden Treasures")  add a subtle touch of elegance.

Inside view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

The inside of the ring is finished as nicely as the top.  Note the smooth,  symmetrical bridgework beneath the diamonds.  The inner surfaces of the ring are smoothly polished and the edges of the band slightly rounded to create a comfortable fit.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark.

All fine jewelry should be signed by its creator and marked for precious metals.  Here you can see our registered hallmark,  "BEL".  The precious metal marks for platinum and 18kt gold are stamped on the other side of the ring

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with heart-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Name:  Golden Radiance

Cost: This platinum and gold ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to create a ring in this style for you with the gemstones,  precious metals and design elements of your choice.  A variety of gemstones, shapes and colors can be considered for the center and side stones.

To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


The Fancy Intense Yellow diamond is a radiant cut,  weighs over 3 carats and is Internally Flawless.  The two heart shape diamonds weigh just under 1 carat in total and are D color.

We specialize in helping clients acquire beautiful fancy color diamonds and
custom creating striking rings for these sparkling wonders ....

Trilliant yellow diamond set in a hand-engraved platinum ring.Engraved platinum ring with fancy yellow diamond.Platinum engagement rings featuring a fancy yellow diamond and 19 princess cut diamonds.

To learn more about  fancy color diamonds,  please visit the Bijoux Library.

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