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Hathor Holly Chalcedony Pendant

18kt gold pendant featuring holly chalcedony, rutilated quartz and tsavorite garnets.

Hathor Pendant!

A round cat's eye Rutilated Quartz bezel set beneath a golden arch is the focal point of our Hathor pendant.  Glistening with golden silky strands,  the Rutilated Quartz glows like the desert moon in this pendant inspired by the jewels of ancient Egypt.  Hieroglyphic carvings show the goddess Hathor weaving a headdress of similar shape with a lunar disk suspended between two golden horns.

18kt gold pendant featuring holly chalcedony, rutilated quartz and tsavorite garnets.

Rutilated quartz is rock crystal quartz enclosing a myriad of golden rutile needles.  Rutile is titanium oxide,  a mineral variety of the metal titanium.  The rutile needles grew within the rock crystal as the gemstone formed.

The Rutilated Quartz is accented with two round Tsavorite Garnets and a Holly Chalcedony drop.  Tsavorite is an exotic variety of Garnet known for its vibrant green color.  It is found in the Tsavo Park region of Kenya.  Holly chalcedony is a rare purple variety of translucent quartz.  Its lush purple color is highly prized by gem connoisseurs and jewelry designers.

18kt gold pendant featuring holly chalcedony, rutilated quartz and tsavorite garnets.

The pendant is hand crafted in 18kt yellow gold.  In this side view you can see the depth of the bezels that securely hold the gemstones.  Note the crisp edges and smooth surfaces.  The care with which the bezels were hand crafted is indicative of the quality with which this jewel was made.

A nice feature of this pendant is its hidden bail.  Two gently arching gold  "wires"  form the bail behind the Rutilated Quartz.  The oversized bail allows this pendant to rest comfortably on almost any chain, choker or silken cord.

Close up of Bijoux Extraodinaire hallmark.

The back of the pendant is as beautifully crafted as the front.  Bijoux Extraordinaire's hallmark ("BEL") is visible on the back, as well as the precious metal stamp ("18KT") for the purity of the gold.  These hallmarks are your assurance of excellence in craftsmanship,  design and materials.

Name:  Hathor Pendant!

Cost:  $1,585

The Holly Chalcedony tongue weighs  7.42 carats and the Rutilated Quartz cabochon weighs  4.26 carats.  The two Tsavorite Garnets are  2.7 millimeters in diameter.

We can create this style of pendant using a variety of beautiful gemstones and precious metals.  You may want to consider tourmilated quartz, lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx, amethyst or one of the many flavors of tourmaline.  For precious metals,  platinum, rose gold and yellow gold are all possibilities  -  either alone or in combination.  To discuss gemstones,  precious and metals design options,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

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