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Custom Platinum Wedding Rings
with Hidden Messages

Custom wedding rings with hidden messages.

Hidden Messages !

This matching set of platinum wedding rings was hand crafted to complement a
yellow diamond engagement  ring that we recently created for a couple with artistic backgrounds.  Each ring consists of two flat-edge bands with highly polished surfaces.  The two bands are hinged together with a hidden rivet,  so that they can slide apart to reveal two hidden inscriptions along their inner walls.

Gaelic inscription in custom wedding bands.

On each set of bands one inner surface bears a hand-engraved and blackened inscription in Gaelic which translates to  "Pulse of my heart."

Hebrew inscription in custom wedding bands.

The other inner surface bears a hand-engraved inscription in Hebrew that reads  "This is my beloved and this is my friend."

Close-up of engraving.

A close-up of the lady's ring shows the depth of the engraving against the matt finish of the inner surface.  The pivot of the hinge is smooth and nearly invisible.

Bands in closed position.

The two bands slide to a closed position with a flush fit that looks like one solid band.  The outer surfaces of the rings are polished with a mirror-like finish.

These beautifully crafted rings are made to last a lifetime and be shared with future generations.

Hebrew inscription in custom wedding bands.

When our client received their wedding rings they said,  "Holy Shmoly!  They look great!"

We think thats Yiddish or Gaelic for  "Wow!"  Needless to say,  we are happy our clients are pleased with their wedding rings.  We wish them a happy and healthy marriage.  "Mazeltov!"

Custom wedding rings with hidden messages.

Name:  Hidden Messages!

Cost: These unique wedding rings were handcrafted for a creative couple.  We would love to help you capture your own hidden messages in custom wedding rings.  Rings in this style can be finished with brightly polished surfaces (as shown here) or with with a satin finish.  The outer surfaces of the rings can also be hand engraved.  To discuss design options and precious metals,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

These rings are handcrafted in platinum,  but can also be created in 18kt gold.  The thickness and width of the rings can be adjusted to suit your taste,  but must be at least  2.5 millimeters thick and  2.0 millimeters wide to leave enough room for your engraved message.

One of our specialties is custom creating beautiful wedding bands.
Here are a few more of the rings we have created ....

Hand engraved platinum band set with diamonds.Platinum, 18kt gold and diamond custom wedding ring.Platinum and gold wedding band with sapphires.

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