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Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink diamond set in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J7260)

Le Petit Rose

Colored diamonds are rare and beautiful things.  In 1817 the French gemologist, R.J. Hauy, wrote "Gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom .... fancy color diamonds are the orchids."  Like orchids, fancy color diamonds are captivating and exotic.

This custom created ring features a diamond that is a rich blend of purple and pink.  The lively brightness of pink married with the regal richness of purple gives the center diamond a captivating hue reminiscent of early raspberries.  The ring is hand crafted in platinum with 18kt rose gold accents.

Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink diamond set in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J7260)
Surrounding the purplish-pink diamond is a halo of 12 round diamonds bead set in platinum.  The shape of the setting mirrors the shape of the emerald-cut center stone.  Two kite-shape diamonds are burnish set in the shoulders of the ring.  The sparkle and brilliance of the colorless diamonds is the perfect complement to the purplish-pink center.

Fancy Intense purplish-pink diamond set in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J7260)

We named this ring "Le Petit Rose" - The Little Pink - in honor of the center diamond.  The design was inspired by the layered petals of a blossoming rose with each layer set with a different style of diamond.  The emerald-cut purplish-pink sits in the center surrounded by the 12 round brilliant cuts.  Further out the kite-shape diamonds seem to cascade down the shoulders of the ring.

We wanted the platinum body of the ring to have a lightness and airiness to match the sparkle of the diamonds.  So, we parted the gallery beneath the settings and inlaid vine-like accents crafted in rose gold.  The twisting, insinuating "vines" recall roses climbing up a garden trellis.

Side view of handcrafted platinum ring with Purplish-Pink diamond. (J7260)

A beautiful ring should be as well crafted as it is designed.  This ring was hand created by a master jeweler in platinum and 18kt gold.  From the side you can see the care with which it was created.

Note the sculptural-like quality of the diamond-set shoulders as they flow down into the band.  The sturdiness of the shoulders is repeated in the band as it curves around the back of the ring.  Similary, the settings for each of the diamonds is sturdily and meticulously crafted.   Although we designed this ring to have a light, airy look we did not skimp on the precious metal.  We created the ring so that it would be an heirloom that could be passed on to future generations.

Purplish pink diamond ring with Bijoux Extraordinaire (BEL) hallmark. (J7260)

As with all our jewels,  the inside of this ring is signed with Bijoux Extraordinaire's registered hallmark ("BEL") as well as "PLAT" for the purity of the precious metal.  The opposite side of the inner band is marked "18K" for the purity of the gold.  These marks are your assurance of uncompromising craftsmanship,  beautiful gemstones and imaginative design.

Fancy Intense Purplish-Pink diamond set in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J7260)

Name:  Le Petit Rose

Cost:   Although this ring has sold,  we feature many more beautiful rings in the
             Rings Extraordinaire Gallery.

Ring: This platinum ring is hand crafted with 18kt rose gold accents.  It is finger size 6 1/2 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Purplish-Pink Diamond:

The center diamond is an emerald-cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink.  It measures 4.4 x 3.5 x 2.7 millimeters and weighs  0.39 carats. 

The diamond was evaluated by the GIA Gem Trade Laboratory.  A GIA Report documents that the color of the diamond is natural, Fancy Intense Purplish Pink and evenly distributed through the stone (see GIA Report #12982894).

Other Diamonds:

The twelve round brilliant-cut diamonds bead set around the center purplish pink diamond measure 1.5 millimeters in diameter and weigh a total of 0.17 carats.

The two kite-shape diamonds burnish set in the shoulders of the ring are brilliant cut and weigh a total of  0.37 carats.  They are color grades D-E and clarity grades VS1/SI1.

We specialize in creating beautiful rings set with fancy color diamonds.
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