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18kt Gold Necklace with Fiery
Mandarin Garnets

18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.

Mandarin Magic!

Another simple,  but classic design .... a necklace that sparkles with vibrant Mandarin garnets set along a round omega-wire choker.  The necklace features ten gem stations each with a round Mandarin garnet set in 18kt yellow gold and flanked by small gold beads.  This necklace was hand crafted and can be created with the gemstones of your choice.

Close-up 18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.

A close-up view shows the smooth,  even bezel surrounding each garnet .... a perfect complement to the round omega neckwire.

Mandarin garnets are a vibrant orange variety of Spessartite garnet that is found in Namibia,  Africa.  It is totally natural and its neon orange color sets it apart from other Spessartites.

18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.

From the side you can see the depth of the bezel settings.  These sturdy bezels securely protect the gemstones and create a golden halo around each fiery garnet.

18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.
And of course,  the rear of the bezel settings are just as nicely finished as the tops.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire we take extra care to make sure each jewel is beautiful from all directions.

18kt gold necklace with Mandarin garnets.

Name:  Mandarin Magic!

Cost: This necklace was custom created for a client who loves the fiery orange of Mandarin garnet.  We can make a similar necklace for you in yellow gold,  white gold or platinum.  For gemstones you can choose from a rainbow of colors.  Perhaps tourmalines, spinels, sapphires or diamonds.  You choose the gemstones and precious metals and we will do the rest!  To discuss design options and gemstones,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

This 18kt gold necklace measures 18" in length.  Each of the Mandarin garnets is  4.0 millimeters in diameter.

This necklace was made to complement gold earrings featuring Mandarin garnets
that we made for a client.  They look great together!

18kt gold earrings with Mandarin garnets.

One of our specialties is custom creating beautiful,  striking jewels in platinum
and  18kt gold.  Here are a few more of our recent creations ....

Rhodolite garnet ring in 18kt yellow and white gold.A tanzanite ring with diamonds handcrafted in platinum and gold.Hand crafted gold and platinum ring with trillium tourmaline.

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