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Platinum Three Diamond Ring

Custom platinum ring with three diamonds.


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words,  but sometimes all that is needed is just one word ... Mesmerizing!

Tradition holds that a three-stone ring tells the story of two lives coming together as one.  The two side diamonds represent individuals living their lives apart.  The larger center stone symbolizes the two individuals brought together in betrothal or marriage.

A client loved the classic design and sense of tradition of our three-strone rings.  We first helped him acquire three beautiful diamonds and then custom create the striking platinum engagement ring pictured above.  We even added a surprise!

Custom platinum ring with three diamonds.

The center stone is a 1.73 carats ideal-cut diamond set between two equally beautiful 1/2 carat diamonds.  Each of the sparkling diamonds is securely set with four sturdy platinum prongs in an open gallery setting.

The shoulders of the band are tapered narrow then gently scalloped and accented with millegrain edges.  This gives the ring a dynamic, modern flair as it sweeps upward to the brilliance of the diamonds.

Custom platinum ring with three diamonds.

The prongs sweep gracefully upward creating a subtle cascading effect like the opening petals of a rose.

Now for the surprise!  Our client loved the tradition of a three-diamond ring, but wanted to add a little pizzazz.  He wanted to add a design element to symbolize the special relationship and the excitement that he shared with his fiancee.  So we set two small blue diamonds between the platinum upper and lower rungs of the gallery.  These sparkling diamonds are a touch of elegance that we call "Hidden Treasures."

The inside of the ring is designed and finished as beautifully as the outside.  Note the intricate bridge and prong work that secures and protects each of the diamonds.  The inner surfaces of the ring are polished to a smooth mirror-like finish and the edges slightly rounded to create a comfortable fit.

Custom platinum ring with three diamonds.

The quality of the platinum (PT950) and our registered hallmark (BELtd) are placed on the inside of each ring we create.  These are your assurance of exceptional design, lasting quality and uncompromising value.

The beauty of a fine jewel is as apparent in the gemstones and metals,
as it is in the craftsmanship!

Name:  Mesmerizing


This platinum ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to create a similar ring in this design for you.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672)  to discuss gemstones,  design options and costs.


The center diamond weighs 1.73 carats,  is ideal cut (Hearts and Arrows), and has E color and VS1 clarity.  The two side diamonds are also ideal cut with E color and VS1 clarity.  Each of the side diamonds weighs 0.55 carats.

Custom platinum ring with three diamonds.

The Story Behind the Jewel:

Like many of the rings we custom create for clients, this stunning jewel has a story and special meaning for the couple.  The recipient of this extraordinary ring celebrates her birthday on May 5th which is a date that has many happy memories for the couple.  In fact, the number five has come up many times throughout their time together so it was important to incorporate "fives" in their ring.  And so, the ring was designed with a total of five diamonds as well as the two colorless side diamonds weighing exactly 0.55 carat each.

The number five theme was so important to this project, that I once contemplated naming this design "Five".  But when the ring was finished, the first word that came to mind was "Mesmerizing".

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