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Morning Glory and Sapphire Ring

White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.

Morning Glories and Sapphires!

In the Summer the back wall of our garden becomes a vibrant cascade of white and lavender morning glories attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.  To celebrate this explosion of color, fauna and foliage we created a special ring.

Across the top of the ring we captured the colors of the flowers with a shimmering, crystalline sapphire and two trillium-cut lavender sapphires.  Then we surrounded the sapphires in a quatrefoil bezel which frames and protects the gemstones like a sturdy garden wall.

White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.

The ring is custom crafted in brightly polished platinum. On the sides of the bezel setting we hand-engraved morning glory blossoms (convolvulus) with the leafy vines of the flower along the sides and top of the shank.  To heighten the contrast between the engraved flora and foliage and the brightly polished platinum we darkened the design.

This ring was inspired by our love of the morning glories in our garden.  But we can create a ring in this or any other style to celebrate whatever flowers, creatures or special events you wish to celebrate.  Of course if you choose to celebrate a favorite flower or plant, we will create a miniature garden that you will never have to weed !

White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.

For gemstones we selected a nearly colorless sapphire and two pastel lavender sapphires.  Colorless sapphires are wonderful gemstones. The best examples have a limpid, water-like quality that subtly picks up the color of any side stones.  The effect is much like the reflections of flower blossoms on the shimmering surface of a garden pond.

The lavender sapphires set at the sides are perfectly matched and play beautifully against the colorless center stone and brilliance of the platinum.
White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.

From the side,  you can see the sculptural form of the bezel and the way the shoulders of the ring flow into the setting.  The surfaces of the ring are polished to a mirror-like finish to enhance the contrast with the engraved flowers and foliage.  Note the sturdy thickness and width of the band.  This ring was crafted to last a lifetime and become a true family heirloom.

White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.
Looking inside the ring you can see the exceptional craftsmanship with which the ring was crafted.  Note the sturdy under-bezel beneath the sapphires which is smoothly finished, symmetrical and finely polished.  Our philosophy is that a fine jewel should be as beautifully crafted on the underside as it is on the top.

White and Lavender Sapphires in a hand-engraved platinum ring.

Name:   Morning Glories and Sapphires

Cost:  $7,685


This ring is hand-crafted in platinum.  The radiant-cut colorless sapphire weighs almost 6 carats and measures 12.4 by 7.2 millimeters.  The two lavender sapphires weigh a total of 0.96 carats.  The ring is a finger size 6 1/2. 

Gemstone Note:

It is common practice for gem cutters to heat sapphires to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe the sapphires in this ring have been heat treated.

We love creating beautiful rings celebrating flowers and gardens.
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