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Custom Platinum Ring with Diamonds

Platinum custom ring with tapered baguette diamonds.

Platinum Double Taper!

A custom platinum engagement ring featuring a round brilliant diamond set between four tapered baguette diamonds.  The four baguette diamonds are set along the shoulders of the ring.  This design captures the simple elegance of the platinum diamond rings created during the middle decades of the last century.

Side view of platinum diamond custom ring.

Platinum is one of the most beautiful metals.  It is also one of the more difficult precious metals to work,  because of its strength and resilience.  To create a beautiful ring in platinum a bench jeweler needs many years of experience,  a high degree in talent and a passion for excellence.  These are criteria we insist upon when we select a platinum smith to create a ring for one of our clients.

Here,  you can see the smooth, polished surfaces of the ring,  as well as the crisp edges.  Note the graceful way that the two baguette diamonds have been set in the shoulder of the ring.  Also, note the sturdy elegance of the prongs which securely hold the center diamond.  All hallmarks of a master craftsman's attention to detail and sense of artistry!

Side view of platinum custom ring with tapered baguette diamonds.

An important characteristic of a well-made ring is the thickness (or "gauge") of the band.  If the band is too thin,  it can quickly wear away.   To assure that this ring will be enjoyed for many years,  we made sure the band was sufficiently thick.   At Bijoux Extraordinaire,  we believe that fine jewelry should last for several generations,  not just a few years.

Inside view of custom platinum ring with tapered diamond baguettes.

All fine jewelry should be as nicely finished on the inside as it is on the outside.  Note the smooth polish of the surfaces,  the crisp, clean edges,  and symmetrical cut-outs beneath the diamonds.  When considering a piece of fine jewelry always turn it over and examine it from the underside.  A fine jewel will be beautiful from all directions.

Name:   Platinum Double Taper!

Cost:   This engagement ring was custom made for a special couple.   We can create a ring in this style with platinum and diamonds (as shown here) or using the precious metals and gemstones of your choice.   The cost of the ring will depend upon the gemstones and metals you choose.   If we can answer any questions or be of any other help, please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email.

Measurements:   The center diamond weighs just over  1.70 carats and has F color and VS2 clarity.  The four tapered baguette diamonds weigh  0.35 carats in total and were specially selected to complement the shape,  clarity and color of the center diamond.

Sapphires,  emeralds,  rubies and tanzanites!  This ring can be created with any colored gemstones you desire.

Here is an example with an emerald-cut sapphire set as the center stone.  You can choose the gemstone you wish to set in this ring.  Perhaps a round, square or emerald-cut diamond,  or one of the many beautiful varieties of colored gemstone.  As for precious metals,  this style of ring looks great in all platinum,  18kt yellow gold or a combination of the two metals.  The possibilities are endless!

Platinum ring with emerald cut sapphire and tapered baguette diamonds.

Designing beautiful engagement rings with striking gems is one of our specialties.
Here are a few more of our recent creations ....

A radiant Pink Spinel set with tapered baguette diamonds in a custom platinum ring.Trilliant diamond engagement ring crafted of hand-engraved platinum.Asscher-cut diamond set with two Fancy Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.

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