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Platinum, Gold and Sapphire Band

Platinum, 18kt yellow gold and sapphire wedding band.

Sapphires in Satin!

Cool white platinum and warm 18kt yellow gold glow with a rich satin finish on this striking wedding band.  The soft look of the band is complemented by three bright blue sapphires from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).  The three sapphires are evenly spaced around the circumference of the ring.  No matter which way the band turns on your finger,  a bright blue sapphire will always be facing you!

The band was hand made from 90% pure platinum   Then,  we cut a groove along the center of the band and filled it with 18kt yellow gold.  Once the gold hardened,  we polished the two metals and applied the rich satin finish.

The inside surfaces of the band are highly beveled,  so that the band is as comfortable to wear as it is to look at.

Cost: This beautiful wedding band was custom created for a client.  We would love to work with you to create a similar band with the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss design options,  time estimates and cost.


This sapphire and platinum band is 4.5 millimeters wide and is 2.4 millimeters thick.  The center strip of yellow gold is 1.0 millimeters wide.  Each of the round sapphires is 3.0 millimeters in diameter.

Sapphire wedding band in platinum with 18kt gold accent.

Variations on the Theme:

This sleek wedding band can be created with a variety of gemstones.  You might consider bright blue Ceylon sapphires (as shown above),  pink sapphires,  rubies,  red spinels,  tsavorite garnets,  and,  of course,  diamonds (colorless,  fancy pink or fancy yellow).  You pick the "flavor,"  and we will help you acquire the gemstones you desire.

Recently we helped a couple create a pair of
platinum bands set with pink diamonds.

Platinum wedding bands with pink diamonds.

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