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18kt Gold Ring with Red Spinel

18kt gold ring with a red spinel and two diamonds.

Red Spinel!

An 18kt gold ring featuring a cushion-shape red spinel.  Set below the fiery spinel is a hidden surprise - two small diamonds nestled in curving platinum accents.

Spinel is a precious gemstone that comes in a variety of beautiful colors - red, pink, lavender, blue, etc.   Spinels with a rich red color have often been mistaken for fine rubies.   Did you know that the Black Prince Ruby,  part of the Crown Jewels of England,  was for many years believed to be a ruby?  In fact, it is a fiery red spinel!

Cost: The ring pictured above with a red spinel has sold.

We can custom create this ring with any center stone you choose.  Perhaps one of the many other flavors of spinel,  a blue sapphire,  or a brilliant sparkling diamond.  Whatever gemstone catches your eye!

The cushion-shape red spinel featured above weighs 1.92 carats.   The small diamonds set beneath the spinel weigh 0.06 carats in total.

Side view of red spinel ring with diamonds and platinum accents .

From the side you can see the "hidden treasures"  -  the small diamonds and platinum scrolls that are nestled below the spinel.   Also note the milgraining, the golden bead-like pattern along the edges of the shoulders and the mounting.   These details add to the richness and elegance of the design.

Finally, note the thickness of the ring's shank (the lower part of the ring) and the sturdiness of the mounting that holds the gemstones.   This assures that the spinel and diamonds are securely protected and that the ring will wear beautifully for many years.

Side view of red spinel ring with two diamonds.
In this close-up we softened the lighting in order to highlight the design and details of the ring.   Note the milgraining along the edges and the platinum accents which hold the small diamonds.   As with most fine jewels,  the beauty of this ring is in the little details!

The "face on" view (below) gives you a sense of the intense, fiery beauty of the red spinel.   You can also see how the shoulders (the portion of the ring on either side of the spinel) and the prongs have been slightly scalloped to give the ring a more dramatic look.

Face-on view of red spinel ring with two diamonds.

Here are several striking variations of this ring that we recently created ....

18kt gold ring with a red spinel and two diamonds.Platinum sapphire ring with two hidden diamonds and 18kt gold accents.

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