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Spectacular Torus-cut Sapphire Ring

Torus-cut sapphire set in 18kt gold ring.

Circle of Light!

This beautiful ring features a torus-cut sapphire carved by the renowned gemstone artist Glenn Lehrer.  The striking sapphire is bi-colored with shades of rich magenta and gray-blue.  In the center of the sapphire torus a bright pink round sapphire is set in a gold bezel.

These striking gemstones are set in an imaginative 18kt gold ring created by the jewelry designer Conni Mainne.  Conni calls this exciting design with lush foliage and swirling forms  "Jungle Dreams."

Torus-cut sapphire set in 18kt gold ring.

The torus cut sapphire is an innovative design in which the gemstone is fashioned like a toroid,  or,  as we says in the gallery,  a donut!  From the top the gemstone is a circle within a circle,  and from the side the gem is shaped like the beginning of a funnel.

Torus-cut sapphire set in 18kt gold ring.
From the side you can see the sculpted,  fluid elements of the jungle-inspired design.  The leaves seem to wrap around the band like jungle vines wrapping around trees and rocks.

Conni's uncompromising craftsmanship and attention to detail are apparent in the rich details of the design.  Note the crispness and depth of the floral patterns,  the textured surfaces of the leaves and glowing richness of the polished finish.  This ring is truly a masterpiece of the goldsmith's art!

For an added dash of color,  two more pink sapphires are tucked away in the lush foliage beneath the main bezel.

Torus-cut sapphire set in 18kt gold ring.

A fine jewel should not only be beautiful,  but also well constructed.  Note the sturdy bezel that holds the torus sapphire atop the sculpted band,  like the cap of a mushroom.

Also note the thickness of the band ensuring many years of wear.  The inner surfaces of the ring are smoothly polished and the edges of the band gently rounded.  After all,  a ring should not only be beautiful,  but also fit comfortably on your finger!

Torus-cut sapphire set in 18kt gold ring.
Name:  Circle of Light!

Cost: Although this ring has sold,  we feature many more beautiful rings in the Rings Extraordinaire Gallery.

The torus-cut sapphire weighs  1.47 carat.  The total weight of the three pink sapphires is  0.13 carats.

Gemstone Note:
Most sapphires are heat treated to improve their color and appearance.  You should assume that all sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller guarantees otherwise.  We believe the pink sapphires set in this ring were heat treated.  However,  the torus-cut sapphire has not been heat treated

Glenn Lehrer,  the creator of the torus cut,  has fashioned sapphires,  amethysts,  tourmalines and many other varieties of gemstone in this manner.  Below is a  torus-cut amethyst  with a demantoid garnet in the center.

Amethyst torus with demantoid garnet.

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