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Custom 18kt Gold and Platinum Ring
with Diamonds and Sapphires

Custom diamond and sapphire ring crafted in platinum and gold.

Smooth as Silk!

Round diamonds and sapphires set in satin-finish gold and platinum create a subtle sensation.  The more you study this ring the more you love the contrast between the sparkling diamonds and sapphires and the soft satin finish of the precious metals.

Custom diamond and sapphire ring crafted in platinum and gold.

The brilliant center diamond is set in a brightly finished platinum bezel.  The smaller diamonds and sapphires are set in a satin-finished platinum channel that encircles the ring.  The platinum channel is bordered by two bands of yellow gold that are also satin finished.

Custom designed diamond and sapphire ring crafted with satin-finished platinum and gold.

The hallmarks of a well-crafted channel setting are smooth,  straight walls and precise,  even positioning of the gemstones.  In this side view of the ring,  you can see that the channel walls are straight and parallel with no jagged edges.  The small diamonds and sapphires have been carefully and precisely set.

Side view of diamond and sapphire ring created in platinum and gold.

A jewel like this should be made to last.  We crafted the ring with a sturdy band and bezel setting.  The band is thick throughout its circumference to assure that the channel-set diamonds and sapphires are protected and that the ring will wear beautifully for many years.

Inside view of diamond and sapphire ring crafted in platinum and gold.

As with all Bijoux jewels,  the underside of the ring is finished as beautifully as the top.  Notice the crisp,  symmetrical under bezel supporting the main diamond and the smaller crisp,  even cut-outs beneath each channel-set gem.

To the left of the main bezel,  you can see our hallmark and the precious metal marks.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark, 'BEL'.

All fine jewelry should be signed by its maker and indicate the purity of the precious metals.  Here is a close up of the Bijoux Extraordinaire registered hallmark "BEL" ....  your guarantee of quality craftsmanship and impeccable design.  The precious metal marks for platinum and 18kt gold can also be seen.

Custom diamond and sapphire ring crafted in platinum and gold.

Name:  Smooth as Silk!

Cost: This platinum and gold ring was custom created for a client who wanted to incorporate gems from an engagement ring and wedding band.  We can create a ring in this design with the gemstones of your choice.  To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (978 525-8951)  or  send us an email.


The band of this ring is just over  6 millimeters wide and the center diamond weighs  1 carat.

We specialize in striking rings with beautiful gemstones.  Here are a few more
examples of the spectacular jewels we have created ....

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