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Tanzanite and Diamond Bridal Rings

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

Something New, Something Blue

A couple was approaching an important anniversary and wanted to celebrate the joyous occasion by custom creating "something new," a new engagement ring and a matching wedding band.  The project began with "something blue," a beautiful cushion-cut Tanzanite from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The Tanzanite is a striking violet-blue color with flashes of red and purple.

Complementing the engagement ring is a custom wedding band set with 24 sparkling diamonds.  The diamonds encircling the band are a symbol of the strength and everlasting commitment of the marriage.  When custom creating a jewel half the fun is building in special symbols and hidden messages that are meaningful to the client.
Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring.

Our client wanted a ring that wedded the best of the past with the best of the present, that brought together classic elegance with a dash of modern pizzazz.  We began with the prongs that cradle the Tanzanite. 

The most important thing when designing prongs is that they securely hold the gemstone without obscuring its beauty. We suggested French double prongs with the tips polished to dramatic spear points.  The double prongs provide additional protection for the Tanzanite while allowing the rich color and dramatic oomph of the gemstone to shine through.

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring.

The Tanzanite is flanked by two stunning trapezoid step-cut diamonds set flush in the polished platinum shoulders of the ring.  The striking contrast between the lush violet-blue of the Tanzanite and the cool white of the diamonds and platinum is a dramatic nod to the elegant jewelry of the Art Deco era.  The classic elegance of the past always makes a statement!

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring.

The platinum band of the ring has the elegant profile and crisp contours of a miniature work of modern sculpture.  The taper of the prongs and precision of the gallery work adds to the drama and artistry,  while the sturdy thickness and mirror-like finish of the band complete the design. 

In crafting this ring we added a slight taper towards the base of the band and beveled the inside edges so the ring would fit comfortably on the client's finger.  The goal we shared with our client was to create a ring that would be both comfortable to wear and beautiful to the beholder.  After all, we want a custom jewel to be enjoyed and appreciated for decades, if not centuries, to come.

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring.

The underside of the ring reveals the same careful attention to craftsmanship and design.  Note the sturdy under-gallery beneath the Tanzanite.  This helps protect the Tanzanite while maintaining the openness of the design.  The gently tapered prongs flow downward and are securely anchored by the gallery.  Beneath the shoulders of the ring we created an open chamber to reduce the weight and minimize the chance of the ring rolling on the finger.  After all, you don't want a top-heavy ring that will slosh back and forth across the top of your finger.

Examining the inside of a jewel is one of the most important steps in assessing a jewel's craftsmanship and design.  On the inside you can see the small, hidden details that are important but often go unnoticed.  We like to call this important step "checking under the hood."

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring.

When we design a ring, it is a close collaboration between Judith Anderson (our designer) and the client.  Since each client and ring is unique we work closely to create a design that matches her, his or their lifestyle, passions and desires.  The goal is to create a ring that captures the uniqueness of the client or couple in the artistry and craftsmanship of the finished piece.

When a ring is completed to our satisfaction we sign it with our registered hallmark, "BEL" (for Bijoux Extraordinaire, Ltd).  We also note the purity of the precious metals, in this case platinum ("PLAT").  These marks reflect our pride in the unexcelled design, fine materials and uncompromising craftsmanship of the finished jewel.

Custom diamond wedding band.

Our client desired a wedding band that would complement the elegant aesthetic of the engagement ring.  We began with 24 round brilliant diamonds and channel set them along the circumference of a finely handcrafted platinum band.  The outer surface of the band was then polished to a soft satin finish which beautifully accentuates the sparkle of the diamonds.

At the apex of the band we carved a gentle niche so that the band will rest snugly against the engagement ring when they are worn together, just like the partners in a successful marriage.  The niche helps anchor the rings so that they don't turn against each other.

But the band can also be worn alone or on the opposite hand.  Because the niche is unobtrusive, the band can simply be turned so that niche is hidden on the underside of the finger.  The top of the band will then be a brilliant display of diamonds elegantly set in platinum.

We love the versatility of this band design.  Unlike other contoured bands,  this band is a beautiful piece of jewelry in its own right that can be worn alone or in tandem with the engagement ring. We have nick named this design "Split Personality" because of it versatility.

Custom tanzanite and diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

Name:  Something New, Something Blue

Cost: We custom create rings with a variety styles and gemstones to best match the tastes and desires of each individual client.  If you would like to discuss creating a unique ring or other piece of jewelry,  please give us a call (603 624-8672) or  send us an email.


The engagement ring measures 6 mm wide at the shoulders and tapers down to 4.5 mm wide at the base of the ring.  The Tanzanite weighs just over 3 carats and the trapezoid diamonds weigh a total of 0.71 carat with D color and VS clarity.

The band measures 6 mm wide and has over 2.0 carats total weight of diamonds channel set along the entire circumference.


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