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Rich Blue Radiant-cut Sapphire

A rich blue Radiant-cut Sapphire. (CS8651)

Radiant-cut Sapphire

The color of this square radiant cut Sapphire is amazing  -  a rich, royal blue color that reminds us of the azure waters throughout the Caribbean where history and lore abound, as do buried treasures and beautiful sea creatures.

Deep royal blue can evoke a sense of richness as well as superiority which perhaps is one reason why so many people love the color blue.  In fact, of all the colors of sapphire (and there are many varied hues throughout the color spectrum), Blue is by far the most popular.

The cut of this exceptional sapphire is also quite special.  Sapphires are typically cut in cushion shapes and sometimes round and oval shapes, especially when the crystal is cut in a major cutting center like Thailand.  Radiant cuts are not a common style of cut for sapphire due to the extra weight loss of crystal and the more exacting skill required for this shape.  When you see a nice radiant cut, such as this 1.838 carats gem sapphire, you know it is very special indeed.  This gem was recut from a larger cushion shape to allow for better proportions, brilliance and color

You could find another sapphire for less money, but then again, why would you want something of lesser quality.  If you want only the finest.....this rich sapphire is the one for you.

Sapphire is the hardest of all the colored gemstones, sitting at a whopping 9 on the Moh's scale of hardness, which makes this gemstone perfect for daily wear.    It is no wonder that sapphires are the most preferred colored gemstone for clients asking us to custom design an engagement ring featuring something other than a traditional diamond.

Cost: Although this striking gemstone has sold,  we can help you acquire a similar gem.  Please inquire.

Color: violetish-Blue hue, medium tone and moderately strong saturation level

Cut: This beautiful sapphire is a square Radiant cut.  It measures 6.4 millimeters along each side and is 4.7 millimeters in depth.

Weight: 1.838 carats

Gemstone Note: It is common practice to heat Sapphires to improve their color and appearance. You should assume that all Sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise. We believe this Sapphire has been heat treated.

Looking for some design ideas to feature this exceptional beauty?  Here are examples of our designs that would be ideal for this special sapphire ...

Radiant-cut sapphire set with two round diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring. (J8522) Starburst-cut sapphire set with two brilliant diamonds in a custom platinum ring. Sapphire Rings - Flanders-cut Sapphire with round diamonds in a custom platinum ring. (J8538)

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