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Fine Gemstone Gallery

At Bijoux Extraordinaire we believe that every beautiful jewel begins with an extraordinary gemstone.  When we create a ring, pendant or brooch the jewel is often inspired by a captivating gemstone.

Below are some of the beautiful gemstones we have worked with.  Each of the gemstones was selected for its exemplary color, cut and quality.  These exceptional gemstones await your inspiration and passion to become beautiful jewels!

To learn more about custom creating a jewel and other extraordinary gemstones,  please contact us at:  603 624-8672  or

Round Black Opal with vibrant Blue, Violet and Green colors

Vibrant Round Black Opal  A vibrant black opal with intense violet, blue, green and turquoise hues.  This stunning opal weighs  0.89 carats.  Cost:  $1,445

Lemony yellow 6.99 carat barion-cut apatite.

Apatite  A lemon yellow  6.99 carat Apatite from Mexico.  This barion-cut gemstone is sure to brighten your collection with its dazzling color and irresistible allure.  Cost: $485

2.29 cts shield shaped Rubellite Tourmaline with a vivid purple-red color.

Rubellite Tourmaline  A  2.29 carat rubellite tourmaline with an alluring purple red color  -  a vibrant shade reminiscent of fuchsia blossoms in the late spring.  Precision step faceting and an unusual shield shape add to the beauty of this striking gemstone.  Cost:  $785

titania coated drusy quartz

Dazzling Drusy  A dazzling titania coated drusy tongue shaped gem with glittering vibrant green, magenta and purple crystals.   This gem shimmers with every move and catches the light from afar.  Cost:  $625

Elegant purple-violet sapphire. (CS8655)

Purple-Violet Sapphire  The elegant color of this sapphire is exceptional  -  a rich blend of purple and violet that is as captivating as it is rare.  The regal color is enhanced by the gemstone's beautiful cushion shape.  Please inquire.

Vibrant red spinel. (CS8656)

Red Spinel  The vibrant, fiery color of this red spinel is elegantly arresting  -  an intoxicating blend of red hot embers and ripe strawberries.  Please inquire.

A rich blue Radiant-cut Sapphire. (CS8651)

Radiant-cut Sapphire  This square Radiant-cut Sapphire is an amazing rich, royal blue color.  The striking gemstone weighs  1.83 carats.  Please inquire.

Purple sapphire with Mandarin garnet. (CS8704)

Sapphire Mandarin  A beautiful purple sapphire centered with a vibrant Mandarin garnet.  A mesmerizing dance of reflected light and color.  Please inquire.

Hexagonal Montana sapphire. (CS8661)

Montana Sapphire  Cool blue with a subtle hint of blued steel.  The color of this Montana sapphire brings to mind the evening sky on a cold winter's day.  Please inquire.

Trillium Demantoid Garnet weighing 1.38 carats. (CS8677)

Demantoid Garnet  A striking demantoid garnet with a vivid green hue and subtle flashes of yellow.  This captivating gem displays the excellent fire and brilliance for which this rare gem is renowned.  Please inquire.

3.83 cts emerald-cut tanzanite with exceptional bluish-violet color. (CS4875)

Blue Velvet  A  3.83 carat tanzanite with a velvety violet-blue color with flashes of red and purple.  A beautiful emerald cut that shows off the rich hues of this gem.  Please inquire.

A vibrant orange Medicine Wheel Cut Spessartite Garnet. (CS8666)

Medicine Wheel Spessartite  A vibrant 4-carat Spessartite Garnet, originally from the mines of Africa, boasting a blazing orange hue like a brilliant tropical sunset on the horizon.  Please inquire.

A steely blue elongated octagon Sapphire. (CS8663)

Octagon Sapphire  An elegant octagon sapphire with cool, crisp steely blue color.  This sapphire is ideal for a dramatic Art Deco design.   Please inquire.

2.47-carat barion-cut benitoite with velvety blue color.

Benitoite  A  2.47 carat barion-cut benitoite with a rich,  velvety violet blue color.  Benitoites of this color, size and beauty are extremely rare.  Please inquire.

2.97 ct pear-shaped tanzanite with exceptional bluish-violet color.

Tantalizing Tanzanite  A  2.97-carat tanzanite that is expertly cut and a vibrant bluish violet with flashes of purple .... need we say more!  Let this exceptional tanzanite inspire you to create the jewel you desire.
Please inquire.

A striking 2.59 carat purple sapphire.

Purple Sapphire  A  2.59 carat purple sapphire.  The rich bluish purple color of this gemstone is truly extraordinary!  Imagine this gem set in a hand-engraved platinum ring.  Please inquire.

Cushion-cut Demantoid Garnet weighing 1.50 carats. (CS5447)

Demantoid Garnet  A stunning Demantoid Garnet with an incredible vivid green hue and subtle flashes of yellow.  The striking gemstone weighs  1.50 carats.  Please inquire.

Fiery orange barion-cut rhodochrosite weighing 4.61 carats.

Rhodochrosite  A beautiful fiery orange Rhodocrosite masterfully fashioned as a barion cut.  This vibrant gemstone weighs  4.61 carats.  Please inquire.

1.25 carat trillium-cut tsavorite garnet with a vivid green color.

Tsavorite Garnet  A bright green tsavorite garnet with a color reminiscent of a  fine emerald.  This beautiful trillium gemstone has been set in a finely crafted  hand-engraved ring.

An orange cushion-cut sapphire weighing 3.13 carats. (CS8530)

Orange Sapphire  A fiery orange sapphire affectionately nick-named "The Great Pumpkin".  The color,  a vibrant orange with subtle flashes of yellow, is rare among sapphires.  Please inquire.

Fancy trillium cut benitoite.

Benitoite  A striking  1.83 carat fancy trillium-cut Benitoite with a rich blue violet color.  Benitoites of this color,  size and quality are rare beauties.  This exceptional gemstone has been set in a beautiful custom platinum pendant

59.84 ct. Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Crystal  A spectacular natural tanzanite crystal that displays rich violetish-blue and purple shades.  This luscious crystal is great for a mineral collection,  but could also be hung from a beautiful pendant or necklace.  Please inquire.

2.98 ct Trapiche emerald.

Trapiche Emerald  A  2.98-carat cabochon cut emerald exhibiting a wonderful "trapiche" effect,  like a night star trapped within the emerald.  A rare and exotic gem that we have set in a beautiful custom ring.  Please inquire.
A cushion-cut fiery red spinel.
Rhapsody in Red  A 1.91 carat fiery red spinel with a hint of violet and orange.  A beguiling cushion cut makes this beautiful gem ideal for a custom created ring,  pendant or brooch.  Please inquire.
A matched pair of Australian boulder opals.
Boulder Opals  A matched pair of boulder opals featuring striking shades of blue,  green and red.  Just under  0.5" square,  these colorful gems are ideal for a distinctive pair of earrings or cufflinks!  Please inquire.

Amethyst torus with demantoid garnet.

Amethyst Torus  A beautiful torus ring featuring a rich purple amethyst with a striking demantoid garnet set in the center.  The vibrant green of the demantoid garnet contrasts beautifully with the vivid purple of the amethyst.  This beautiful torus gemstone has been set in a striking pendant.   Please inquire.

1.97 carat radiant-cut red spinel with a fiery red color.

Red Spinel  An exceptionally well cut 1.97-carat Red Spinel.  This beautiful gem is a highly saturated red hue and has excellent clarity.  Please inquire.

Faceted Tahitian cultured pearl drop.

Faceted Pearl  A faceted Tahitian black cultured pearl that glimmers with stunning iridescent colors.  The precise faceting of this pearl creates a pearl-within-a-pearl phenomenon that captivates all.  Please inquire.

Drusy Free Form

Free-Form Drusy  A scintillating titanium coated drusy free-form gem with spectacular green, magenta, yellow and purple crystals.   This gem is electric!  Please inquire.

Drusy Uvarovite Garnet Drops

Drusy Uvarovite  Luscious green uvarovite garnets from Russia with a glittering sprinkle of small garnet crystals atop a rich chromite matrix.  These striking gemstones have been set in an equally striking pair of earrings.

Trillium drusy psilomelane.

Drusy Gemstone Gallery  A favorite gemstone variety is drusy.  A drusy is any gemstone that is covered with a shimmering layer of small crystals which give the gem a glittering, magical appearance.  These wonderful gemstones are ideal for creating unique custom jewels.
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