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Trillium Benitoite and Diamond Pendant

Trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

Benitoite Elegance Pendant

A fancy trillium-cut Benitoite is featured in a handcrafted platinum pendant.  The pendant is accented with four small diamonds and beautifully hand engraved with a dramatic chevron pattern.

Benitoite (pronounced beh-NEE-toe-ite)  is a rare gem that was first discovered in 1906 along the headwaters of the San Benito River in San Benito County, California.  This small region is the only source in the world for gem quality Benitoite.  Because of its rarity and beauty,  Benitoitite was adopted as California's state gemstone in 1985.

Side view of trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

The three sides of the pendant and the bail are hand engraved and set with brilliant round diamonds.  The edges of the pendant are milgrained for an added touch of elegance.  Note the depth of the sides and the sturdiness of the prongs.  These carefully crafted details help protect the rare gemstone.

Rear view of trillium benitoite pendant accented with with four diamonds.

The rear of the pendant is as nicely finished as the front.  Note the smoothly polished surfaces and crisp edges.  The engraving on the bail is continued on the back.  It is the small details that make a fine jewel extraordinary.

Close-up of fancy trillium cut benitoite.

Benitoites have often been mistaken for fine blue sapphires and spinels.  Benitoites tend to be found in smaller sizes with gems larger than one carat being the exception.  Larger gems with rich color and exceptional quality are greatly prized by collectors.

Name:  Benitoite Elegance Pendant

Cost: This Benitoite pendant has sold.  Please visit the  Bijoux Original Gallery  where we feature other beautiful rings and pendants.

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This pendant is hand crafted in platinum and measures 0.5 inches from the top of the bail.  The Benitoite weighs 1.83 carats and is a rich Blue-Violet hue.  The gemstone measures  6.9 millimeters along each side.  The four small diamonds weigh a total of  0.06 carats.

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