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Victorian Gold Brooch with Dove

A 18kt gold Victorian Classic Revival brooch with a dove carrying an olive branch. (J601)

Dove of Peace!

A lovely Victorian brooch richly crafted in yellow gold.  The center of the brooch features a dove in flight carrying an olive branch across a swirling,  chaotic sea of gold.  The dove and branch are beautifully traced in black enamel.

The circular form of this brooch is known as a "bulla" from the Latin word for "bubble." This style of jewel was favored by the ancient Etruscans and Romans and regained popularity among the Victorians during the Classic Revivals of the 1870s and early 1880s.  Beautifully crafted in 18kt gold,  circa 1880.

Cost:  Although this beautiful brooch has sold,  you will find many more fine brooches in the Antique Brooch Gallery.

Measurements:  This 18kt gold brooch measures  1.125" in diameter.

Rear view of 18kt gold Victorian bulla brooch.

Examining the back of the brooch you can see the care taken in creating this jewel.  On the rear of the piece,  hammer marks left by the Victorian goldsmith who hand crafted this jewel are still visible.  Also,  note the thickness of the decorative loops surrounding the border of the jewel and the sturdiness of the clasp and pin stem. 

Attached to the bottom of the brooch (at 6:00 o'clock) is a small chatelaine hook from which a watch or drop pendant can be hung.

Close up of C clasp and pin stem.

A Tale of the Clasp

One of the important factors in dating an antique brooch is the nature and style of the clasp.  This brooch has a sturdy "C" clasp (pictured above).  Note in the picture how the pin stem extends beyond the clasp and bends slightly downward.  The bent pin stem was an early form of "safety" clasp and would have been hooked backward into the fabric of the wearer's dress.  This would keep the clasp from coming undone and the brooch accidentally being lost.

This style of clasp and pin stem are characteristic of the Victorian era.  The design of the brooch and manner in which it was crafted help us narrow the time frame down to the decades around 1880.

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