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Victorian Amethyst Pin with Pearls

Victorian amethyst pinin clover pattern.

A Three Leaf Clover ..... Your Lucky Charm!

The Victorians were enamored with flowers and their symbolic, secret meanings.   The late Victorian bar pin (ca. 1890) pictured above is a wonderful example of a jewel with a hidden message.

This lovely brooch features a three-leaf clover created with heart-shaped, bezel-set amethysts.   The amethysts are a pastel shade of purple and surrounded by small pearls.   At either end of the jewel is a trefoil arrangement of larger pearls.   The bejewelled clover and pearl arrangements rest atop a narrow gold bar known to Victorian jewellers as a "knife edge wire".

So have you guessed the hidden message?   We've given you all the clues!   The clover is a symbol of good fortune, while the heart-shaped amethysts suggest love and friendship.   So, this lovely brooch offers the wearer good luck in matters of the heart.

Cost:  Although this beautiful brooch has sold,  you will find many more fine brooches in the Antique Brooch Gallery.

Measurements:   This lovely 10kt gold pin is approximately 1.25" long.

Side view of Victorian clover bar pin.

From the side you can get a better look at the narrow gold bar that supports the clover and trefoil elements.   Narrow "knife edge" supports like this were used to create an illusion that the gemstones were floating freely in mid-air.   The challenge for the goldsmith was to create an appearance of light airiness, while still maintaining enough support to assure that the jewel and gemstones withstood the rigors of normal everyday wear.   In this case, the jeweler succeeded wonderfully.   Although this brooch is over 100 years old, it still exhibits its original beauty and is in great condition!

Rear view Victorian amethyst brooch.

From the back, you can see how conscientiously the goldsmith crafted the under bezels that support each of the heart-shaped amethysts.   Note the width of the supports, how nicely they are cutout, and the smoothness of the finish.   You can also see the "C" clasp characteristic of the Victorian period.

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