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Edwardian Amethyst Festoon Necklace

Edwardian Amethyst Festoon Necklace

Edwardian Amethyst Necklace

Rich, vibrant amethysts set in a golden cascade!   This early Edwardian (circa 1895) festoon necklace captures the elegance and charm of a forgotten era.   Imagine dinner at the Ritz or an evening on J.P. Morgan's the warm glow of the gas light this sparkling purple and gold necklace would create a glittering sensation.

The necklace features exquisite amethysts set in ornate 18karat yellow gold frames.   The drop pendant showcases a beautifully cut pear-shaped amethyst. Above are three equally beautiful round amethysts.   The jeweller took extra care in selecting the gemstones for this necklace: each amethyst exhibits a vary desirable rich purple color with subtle flashes of red.

The ornate, openwork scrolled frames are crafted of 18 karat gold.   The connecting chains are also 18kt gold.   A secure plunger clasp holds this jewel to the wearer's neck.

Cost:   Sold

Measurements:   This 18kt yellow gold necklace is 15.75" long.   The central element with the large round and pear-shaped amethyst is 1.75" long; while, the smaller round amethysts are 3.0" apart.

Gem Fact:   Did you know that the ancient Greeks believed that amethyst jewels would protect a wearer from becoming intoxicated?   In fact the name "amethyst" derives from the Greek work "amethustos" meaning an absence of alcohol.

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