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Engagement Ring with Tapered
Baguette Diamonds

Yellow Gold Engagement ring with tapered diamond baguettes.

In the Bag(uette)!

A stylish engagement ring featuring six tapered baguette diamonds and the centerstone of your choice.   Perhaps a diamond, sapphire or emerald would suit your fancy!   The ring was crafted in 18kt yellow gold and is ideal for centerstones weighing 1.25 carats or greater.   The prongs are crafted in platinum, so that they will securely hold and protect the gemstone you choose.

In the jewelry trade a ring set with side stones, but no center stone, is known as a semi-mount.   The side stones featured here are six tapered baguette diamonds with a total weight of approximately 0.45 carats.   The tapered diamonds give the ring an elegant look and create a graceful arc sweeping up to the centerstone.

Cost:   This ring can be made in either gold or platinum and with the side stones of your choice.   The actual cost of the ring will depend on the precious metals and gemstones your choose.  Representative prices (excluding the cost of the centerstone) are as follows:

18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs and diamond side stones  - $2,600

All platinum with diamond side stones  -  $3,000

18kt yellow gold with platinum prongs and diamond and emerald side stones (see picture below)  -  $3,500

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This side view of the ring shows how the tapered side stones are set to rise up towards the centerstone, an effect reminiscent of the fine jewelry of the Art Deco and Retro periods.

You can also see the fine craftsmanship with which this ring was created.   In particular, note

  1. How snuggly the baguette diamonds have been set together.
  2. The smooth seamless transition between the gold of the ring and the platinum of the prongs.
  3. The flawless, smooth finish of the gold and platinum surfaces.
Each of these is a hallmark of fine craftsmanship and gives the ring an extra radiant sparkle when it is worn on your finger.

Finally, this is a nice close-up of the tapered baguette diamonds.  As you can see, this style of diamond is essentially a simplified emerald cut in which one end is narrower than the other, giving the diamond an elegant tapered look.

Yellow Gold engagement setting with tapered baguette diamonds.

As mentioned earlier this semi-mount is available in either gold or platinum with diamond baguettes as the side stones....or with any combination of diamonds and colored gemstones you choose.  Possible side stones include rubies, sapphires and emeralds.   Below we show a striking example of diamond baguettes accented with beautiful emeralds.

Yellow Gold engagement setting with tapered baguette diamonds and emeralds.

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