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Working with a Diamond Broker

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two calf-head diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.
A 1.60 carat  Asscher-cut diamond  brokered for a client.

Let's face it,  shopping for a diamond is not always fun.  It can be a daunting and even frustrating experience.   To make a wise and informed purchase,  you need honest answers to two important questions:

  1. What is the true quality and beauty of the diamond being considered?   Are the color, cut and clarity of the diamond being accurately described by the seller?

  2. Is the diamond fairly priced?  Given the size, quality and beauty of the diamond,  does the price represent a good value?

Frustrated diamond shopper.

To help consumers find answers to these important questions,  we offer our Diamond Brokering Service.   When a client hires us to act as their diamond broker,  we help them find the best diamond that meets their quality criteria and fits within their budget.  The advantages of hiring us as your diamond expert are three-fold:  assured quality,  lower cost and greater beauty.
  1. Assured Quality

    In addition to being knowledgeable about locating and sourcing fine diamonds,  we are also experts in the grading and evaluation of diamonds.   We use our expertise to assure that the diamonds you are considering are accurately graded and fairly described.  We thoroughly examine and evaluate each diamond in our gemological laboratory.   Thus,  you do not have to worry about whether the seller has accurately described and represented the diamond you may purchase.

  2. Lower Cost

    When acting as your diamond broker we enter the wholesale markets to find diamonds that meet your criteria.  If you purchase a diamond, you are, in effect, buying it directly from a diamond cutter or wholesaler.   As a result,  the cost of your diamond will be lower than if you bought it at a traditional retail store or from an on-line diamond seller.
  3. Greater Beauty

    The best way to find an exceptional diamond is to compare firsthand a selection of the very best stones in the marketplace.  After reviewing numerous diamonds from a variety of cutters,  we select the four or five best stones and create a dazzling line-up for your review.  This allows you to compare the diamonds side-by-side and select the stone that is truly "the best of the best." `

    Viewing one or two stones in a retail store or sorting through diamond certificates on an online database does not allow you to make the side-by-side comparisons needed to select the most beautiful diamond or the best value.

For example,  a client from Virginia desired a Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond that was a rare square emerald cut.  She had contacted several fine jewelers in Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area,  but they were unable to locate any stones that met her criteria.   Working as her broker we brought in five diamonds for her consideration.  She closely examined and compared each of the diamonds and selected a beautiful 1.25-carat diamond that was perfect for her ring.  The wholesale cost of the diamond was $19,500 and our brokerage fee $2,400.  The 12.5% brokerage fee was significantly below the mark-up typically charged by retail jewelers.  The  custom ring  we created for the diamond is pictured above.

Our specialty is fancy color diamonds and the rarer, more unusual cuts.  We have also helped many clients acquire fine colorless diamonds and traditional round brilliants.  To view some of the diamonds we have brokered and the rings we created for them please visit our Diamond Ring Gallery  and our  Custom Engagement Ring Gallery.

If you are considering the purchase of a diamond and would like to learn more about our Diamond Brokering Service,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an e-mail.

Here are a few more of the diamonds we have brokered and
the rings we created for clients ...

Yellow radiant-cut diamond with kite-shape diamonds in a custom platinum ring.Three stone platinum ring with three oval diamonds.A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.

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