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Late Victorian Silver Locket

Late Victorian Silver Locket

Victorian Aesthetic Silver Locket

A lovely example of Late Victorian Silver jewelry......a rectangular locket, in the style of the Birmingham factories. This locket, circa 1880, depicts a bird and Japanese like flowers (possibly Dogwood) characteristic of the Aesthetic Movement.

Also, the use of the diagonal lines and triangles as well as the series of small silver beads surrounding the circumference of the locket are truly Aesthetic designs.

Our sterling silver locket has plenty of room for two of your favorite photos or portraits; the hinges are nice and secure and in excellent condition. When purchasing older lockets, always examine the hinges to make sure that they are in good condition. Often, older lockets have worn and broken hinges that can be costly to repair.

The Victorians were truly enamoured with nature and often wore jewelry and accessories that portrayed flowers, animals, birds and insects, as evidenced here in this classic locket. Once trade opened between England and Japan, the English artists were able to experience, first hand, the wonderful styles and techniques of Japanese design. These styles were quickly incorporated into the jewelry of the time.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This silver locket measures 1.375" long (excluding the bail) and 1" wide: the oval ring bail is 1/2" long.

Late Victorian Silver Locket

Lockets were a very popular form of jewelry throughout the Victorian period. The locket could hold a small hand painted portrait of a loved one, or a lock of hair. Lockets were worn as sentimental as well as memorial jewelry. Sentimental jewelry was given between friends, relatives or lovers to share a personal friendship and love and express that sentiment during absenses. The memorial locket was worn as a symbol of mourning when a dear friend, relative or lover had died.

Our silver locket is an example of sentimental jewelry and was meant to hold the picture of a loved one or their lock of hair.

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