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Diamond and Sapphire Ring in Platinum

Spectacular sapphire, diamond and platinum ring.

Sapphire,  the Cool Jewel!

The refined elegance of sapphire and diamonds set in a masterfully crafted platinum ring.

The color of this sapphire is a spectacular pure, rich blue.   The gem cutter fashioned this gemstone as an elongated emerald-cut with bevelled corners.   This beautiful sapphire weighs 2.47 carats and measures 9.2 by 4.8 millimeters.

Set on either side of the sapphire are two trilliant-cut diamonds.   The diamonds offer a striking contrast to the rich, intense blue of the center stone and the luxurious, cool feel of the platinum.   The two diamonds weigh 0.26 carats in total and are GIA color D and clarity VS.

Of course, beautiful gemstones should be married with precious metals.   For gemstones of this calibre, the cool intensity of platinum was the only choice.   So, we had one of our favorite platinum smiths create an elegant, but refined, ring in which to set the gemstones (see pictures below).   The result is a masterpiece that blends the rich blue of the sapphire, the coolness of platinum and the fire of the trilliant-cut diamonds.   Consumer Warning:   If you slide this ring onto your finger, you may never want to take it off!!!

Cost:   This striking ring has been sold.   Please call  (603 624-8672)  for an estimate of the cost to custom create a ring that is just as beautiful.

3/4 view of the platinum and sapphire ring.

This side view shows the quality of the platinum smith's work and his attention to detail.   Note how the sapphire is securely set and protected by a four-prong double-rung head.   This gemstone isn't going anywhere.   And, the two trilliant diamonds are each securely set with three prongs. Each prong is "v" shaped to better protect the crisp facets of the diamonds.   When setting precious gemstones never, never skimp on the support structure!

When considering a fine piece of jewelry, you should inspect it from as many angles as possible.   True quality is always apparent from every angle.   This inside view of the ring once again illustrates the high craftsmanship of the platinum smith.   Note the crispness of the cut-out work and the smoothness of the junctions between the prongs, head and shank.
View of the underside of the sapphire and platinum ring.

View of  "BEL" hallmark and purity stamp on platinum and sapphire ring.

Since the Middle Ages, fine jewelry has been marked with the purity of the metal and the hallmark of the maker.   Here you see the hallmark for Bijoux Extraordinaire, "BEL", stamped on the inside of the Platinum shank.   We are proud of our work and take pride in displaying our hallmark on each jewel in the Bijoux Original collection.

Consumer Alert:   You should never purchase jewelry that has not been properly hallmarked with the metal's fineness and the maker's mark.   The hallmark identifies the maker of the jewel and offers you protection against fraud and misrepresentation.

A jewel in the Bijoux Original collection is created when an imaginative design, beautiful gemstones and precious metals, and the talents of a master craftsman are brought together.   Creating simple, elegant multi-stone rings is always a challenge.   We strive for the gemstones to appear to flow together and float above the wearer's finger.   With this sapphire and diamond ring we have achieved this ideal.

Face-up view of sapphire and platinum ring.

Although this handcrafted ring and the sapphire are one-of-a-kind, you can create a ring in this style using a variety of beautiful gemstones and precious metals.   We are happy to provide you with a quote for custom work using your gemstones or ones we help you acquire.   Just give us a call (603 624-8672) or   send us an e-mail.

Sapphires,  diamonds and platinum offer an unbeatable union of fire, brilliance
and elegance.  Here are a few more dazzling rings in the Bijoux Galleries.

Sapphire and trilliant diamond platinum hand engraved ring.A handcrafted platinum ring with a sriking emerald-cut sapphire and two sparkling trilliant diamonds.Radiant-cut sapphire and two princess-cut diamonds in a stiking platinum ring.

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