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Beetle Belt Buckle

Beetle Belt Buckle

Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!

You don't have to like bugs to admire this wonderful transitional period belt buckle. This unusual belt buckle has elements of the late Victorian Aesthetic Movement Period, as well as the renowned Arts and Crafts Period.

Centered in the middle of the buckle is a large beetle (or similar critter) with brown enameled wings and thorax within a silver framework. The abdomen is made of slocum stone (a glass imitation of opal).

The frame of the belt buckle is a yellow base metal with whiplash curves surrounding foliate like scroll motifs. The side oval stones are also slocum stone and the red eyes of the beetle are paste.

This buckle is certainly noticeable from afar and will surely be the topic of conversation at your next party!!!

The backside of the buckle is nicely engraved and has a simple catch and loop mechanism with oversized end loops through which you can feed a ribbon, sash or scarf.

The Victorians were truly enamoured with nature and often wore jewelry and accessories that portrayed flowers, animals, birds and insects, as evidenced here in this large buckle. The use of mixed metals is also characteristic of the late Victorian period and is a result of Japanese influence as is the style of insect depicted.

The Japanese were known for their strong use of mixed metal techniques, and once trade between England and Japan opened, the English artists were able to experience, first hand, the wonderful styles and techniques of japanese design. These styles were quickly incorporated into the jewelry of the time.

Cost: Sold

Measurements:   This buckle is 3" long and 2.5" high.

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