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Antique Shell Cameo of Woman

Unusual Cameo of Greek Woman.

Classical Greek Woman

This shell cameo depicts the portrait of a Greek woman with grape ivy leaves in her hair.   The cameo has wonderfuldetail; notice the dimensionality of the leaves and the folds of her dress....the strands of hair and the solemn expression on her face.

This cameo is set in a plain gold filled frame with a rope border embellishment.   The rope border was used throughout the nineteen and early twentieth centuries especially on cameo brooches.

This shell cameo is in excellent condition and does not have any crazing.

When shopping for cameos, especially those carved from shell, look closely for crazing (hairline cracks) that are the result of dehydration and drying.   Ideally you don't want any hairline cracks in your cameo, however, if you find a cameo that you just love and it does have some very minor hairline cracks, the price should reflect the crazed condition.   Hairline cracks can not be repaired nor removed.

Cost:  $375

Measurements:   This cameo is 2.5" high and 2.0" wide.

Side view of shell cameo.

This side view shows the depth of the cameo and a closer perspective of it's detail. You can also see that the bezel is contoured to precisely fit the cameo. Most cameo bezels are hand made because the cameo itself is not a perfect oval or round shape and also because the depth or height of the cameo varies throughout the entire circumference. The varied depth is necessary to allow the carver artist the ability to create multiple layers of coloration.

You can also see the nice rope border around the bezel, a common element of early twentieth century cameo brooches.

When examining a cameo you should hold it up to the light and inspect it for crazing, cracks or chips.   This backside view of our shell cameo reveals that there is no crazing and the shell is in very good condition. You can also see that the pin has a safety clasp which dates this brooch circa 1910.

The brooch also has a swivel collapsible loop bail so you can wear this as a pendant or a pin. This feature makes wearability more versatile....especially for the true cameo lover!!

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