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18kt Gold Engagement Ring with
Ideal Cut Diamonds

Custom ideal cut diamond engagement ring in platinum and yellow gold.

Ideal Diamonds for an Ideal Marriage!

Three ideal cut diamonds give this engagement ring its magical sparkle.   If you want an engagement ring with a classic look,  then consider a three-stone ring like the one pictured above.  We custom created this ring for a couple who wanted to showcase their ideal cut diamonds in an ideal setting.

Our client could have set these beautiful diamonds in an unimaginative,  mass produced ring,  perhaps a inexpensive setting from one of the many jewelry casting houses.   But that was not their style.....and it should not be yours!  Beautiful gemstones deserve a beautiful setting!

The diamonds in this ring are ideal cut with a GIA color grade of D and an IF (internally flawless) clarity grade.   The young man that purchased this ring from us wanted only the best for his fiancee.  He knew where he could make the perfect ring for the perfect diamonds!

Cost: This beautiful ring can be made with any size or color of gemstones that you chose.   Also,  the design and precious metals  (gold and platinum, all gold or all platinum)  can be varied to meet your taste.  The cost of the ring will depend on the size and quality of the gemstones,  the precious metals and the final design you chose.   Please call for a quote: (603) 624-8672.

3/4 view of ideal cut diamond engagement ring in platinum and yellow gold.
This side view of the ring shows the beautifully smooth transition between the yellow gold of the band and the platinum prongs.   The seams are nearly invisible.  The prongs are even in length and thickness and each of the double rung heads is perfectly symmetrical.   Similar care has been taken with the thickness and quality of the band.

Looking from the inside (below) you can see just how smoothly the gold transitions into the platinum.  The work of a master goldsmith!.  Also note the exceptional symmetry and evenness of the cut-outs below each diamond.

Platinum, Yellow Gold and Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring - inside view

The center diamond is set at a slightly higher level than the two smaller gemstones,  so that the ring will follow the natural contour of the wearer's finger.   Many mass produced,  cast rings with low cost settings have the gemstones all set on the same plane which gives the ring a boxy, flat-top appearance.

Remember,  the top of your finger is a curved, cylindrical shape and a ring should follow the natural lines of the finger for the best look and the best fit.

Our client's fiancee loved the ring.  And,  when he popped the big question of course her answer was "Yes,  I will!"  So the next step was to design a wedding band to match the beauty of her engagement ring.  After all,  we want her to also say "Yes,  I DO!"

With our client's help we created a custom wedding band that is known as a slip ring.   It combines an 18kt yellow gold body with a center strip of platinum,  all fused together with a smooth seamless finish.

Platinum, yellow gold and Ideal-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with matching wedding band side view.

Platinum, yellow gold and Ideal Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with matching wedding band top view.

From the top,  you can see how the wedding band was designed to curve around the diamonds of the engagement ring.  This assures that both rings fit flush against one another,  without any awkward gaps.  A perfect fit for the perfect marriage!

From the side you can see that the wedding band and the engagement ring have the same gauge (thickness) along their entire circumference,  creating a great fit and passing the test of fine jewelry.

Platinum and 18kt Yellow Gold Custom Wedding Band Ring Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

Whenever you purchase a piece of fine jewelry,  you should examine the jewel for metal purity marks and goldsmith's hallmarks. These are an indication that the craftsman took pride in his or her work and gives you some protection against misrepresentation.

We often make three-stone rings with an 18kt yellow gold band and platinum double-rung setting,  but they can also be made in all yellow gold,  all white gold or all platinum.   We work with a variety of band styles and setting designs to be sure that we can meet your wishes.

Three-stone rings can be made with variety of gemstones, either as the center or side stones.  Have you considered a sapphire,  ruby,  emerald,  tanzanite or perhaps a tsavorite garnet.  You pick the gemstones and we will do the rest.

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