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Sapphire Trellis Ring with Diamonds

Diamond and sapphire trellis ring in platinum and 18kt gold.

Sapphire Trellis Ring!

Sapphires wedded with diamonds create a striking combination in many contemporary engagement rings.  But,  if you want to add a little elegant pizzazz to this stylish classic,  you might consider a trellis mounting for the sparkling gemstones.

A trellis ring borrows its name from the graceful lines of the lattice work in a garden trellis.  Our trellis ring features a criss-crossing sweep formed by the platinum prongs,  giving it an open,  delicate look .... without sacrificing strength or security.

Sapphire and Diamond trellis ring of platinum and 18kt gold.

From the top,  a trellis ring looks like a traditional multi-stone ring,  but when viewed from the side you see the intricate platinum work which makes this ring so distinctive!

This side-view also shows how the sapphire has been set on a higher plane above the two diamonds.  The multi-tiered arrangement of the gemstones allow them to be set closely and snuggly together.  This eliminates any awkward gaps and gives the ring a nice curved appearance that follows the natural contour of your finger.

An end-view of the trellis ring shows how neatly the platinum prongs flow into the yellow gold band.  Each set of prongs is perfectly aligned to create a beautiful,  symmetrical arrangement.

This angle also gives you a second look at the stepped tiers in which the gemstones have been set, creating a beautiful curve along the top of your finger.  The gemstones have all been set low in their settings to match the active lifestyle of our client.

For this ring our client chose a solid half-round 18kt yellow gold shank,  although other styles are possible.

Side view of platinum and 18kt gold ring.

View of underside of trellis setting.

Looking inside the trellis ring we see a flawless seam between the yellow gold shank and platinum underbridge.  The craftsmanship is smooth and perfectly symmetrical.  Working with both yellow gold and platinum is a true test of jeweler's abilities,  because the two metals melt and flow at different temperatures.

We work with the finest platinum and goldsmiths in the world.  They excel at difficult tasks such as this ring without leaving any messy seams,  signs of porosity or unsightly roughness.  The proof is in the photographs!

A Variation on the Theme

Diamond and sapphire ring in platinum and 18kt gold

This elegant trellis ring can be made with a variety of gemstones and precious metals:  including all platinum,  18kt yellow gold,  18kt white gold,  and any combination of two of these precious metals.

On occasion,  we have also varied the style of the band.  For the ring pictured above,  our client added their own dash of pizzazz.  The ring features a double shank of yellow gold which splits at the ring's shoulder and melds into two bands of platinum (see photograph below).  The two platinum bands then blend subtly into the platinum trellis work that cradles the gemstones.

Diamond and sapphire ring in platinum and 18kt gold

A side view of our split shank variation shows how effortlessly the yellow gold double band splits into two platinum bands and blends with the platinum prongs of each diamond.  This gracefully split shank offers a wider band without the bulk.  An airy look is achieved without comprising security or durability.

So what ever flavor,  shape or size gemstones and diamonds you like,  try our trellis ring for a sophisticated look.  This ring can be made as an everyday ring,  an engagement ring or an anniversary ring.

Consider a trellis set anniversary band with five round diamonds of equal size,  all set in cool platinum on a rich yellow gold band.

For a really spectacular version of a trellis ring, check out the  all diamond trellis ring  we made for a couple celebrating 25 years of marriage!

A trellis ring is one of the most elegant ways to set a beautiful gemstone.
Here are several trellis rings we recently created to showcase
sapphires, diamonds and tanzanites ....

Platinum trellis ring set with an oval sapphire and two diamonds. Platinum trellis engagement rings with Flanders brilliant diamond. Tanzanite and diamond trellis ring in platinum and 18kt gold.

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