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Diamond and Garnet Dome-style Ring

Diamond and garnet dome-style ring in 14kt yellow gold.

Diamonds and Garnets!

This dome-style ring is the perfect choice for everyday,  active wear.  The centerstone of your choice can be set in the half-bezel mounting and as many side stones as you desire can be flush set in the polished,  domed band.

Our client saw several of the dome-style rings we created for other clients and wanted to create a similar ring with diamonds and pyrope garnets.  First,  we worked with her to acquire the diamonds and garnets that best suited her design and budget.  Then,  our goldsmith crafted a wax prototype of the design.  The wax prototype allowed our client to see the placement of the gemstones,  the height of the center stone and the overall appearance of the ring.  After seeing the wax,  she decided to use fewer gemstones and to have them set closer together.

The creation of a wax carving for this style of ring is an important step.  It helps you visualize the finished ring and make any modifications to the design before it is cast in stone .... or should we say gold!

The next step was for our goldsmith to cast the ring in 14kt yellow gold and set the gemstones.  The center diamond was set in a yellow gold half bezel:  and,  the side diamonds and garnets were burnish set along the curving surface of the band.  The end result  (as you can see)  is a custom ring that she will wear everyday for years to come.

Our client was very excited when she received her new ring.  Here is what she had to say about her ring and how we helped her create it:

I am delighted with my new ring.   I found Bijoux Extraordinaire's web site and really liked their custom designs.   I was a bit nervous about making an important purchase with a business that I only knew from the Web, but Judi was very helpful as we designed the ring together through emails.   She made me feel very comfortable with the whole process, even though we are on opposite sides of the country.   I wanted to create something special within a limited budget.   Judi understood perfectly and the result speaks for itself  .....  Kirstin

End view of diamond and darnet 14kt gold ring.

This end-view of the ring shows the height of the bezel-set center diamond,  as well as the placement of the smaller diamonds and garnets.  The side stones are burnish set,  so that they lie flush with the golden surface of the band.

The bezel setting,  also known as a  "collet setting",  securely holds and protects the diamond.  This leaves the sides of the ring open and creates a clean,  uncluttered look.  This ring can be made with either a full or half bezel crafted in yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

This ring is 7.2 millimeters wide, but can be created with a narrower or wider width, if you prefer.  The color,  number and placement of the side stones can be arranged in a variety of patterns.  There is no limit to the variations you can create with this dynamic design.

This side-view shows the thickness of the ring's band.  This band is 3.0 millimeters thick at the base and weighs 12.0 grams;  it will wear well for many generations.

One of the problems with lower quality rings is that the band of the ring is often dangerously thin and may wear out or break after a short period of time.  When you purchase jewelry,  make sure that the piece is well made and will last a lifetime.

Diamond and Garnet dome style yellow gold ring side view.

As you can see,  this ring is finished as nicely on the inside,  as it is on the outside.  If you have visited other designs on our site,  you already know how important quality and finish are to us.  You should always examine a jewel from all angles and views before you purchase it.

View of hallmarks in 14kt yellow gold ring.

No jewel is complete without our hallmark and the purity marks for the precious metals.  When purchasing jewelry you should always look for the metal purity and maker's marks.

Diamond and Garnet dome style yellow gold ring inside view-  Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

Looking into the inside of the ring you can see the smooth,  round cut-outs for the center diamond and each of the side stones.  Also note the sturdy,  solid walls of the ring.  The underside of the shank is "semi-solid"   We slightly hollowed out the gallery to create a ring that would fit more comfortably on the wearer's finger.  Although this ring could be made with a solid underside,  the additional weight and thickness could be uncomfortable.  Hollowing out the underside also allows you to wear this ring in warmer weather,  when your fingers may swell slightly.

Variations on the Theme

Dome-style rings can be made in a variety of widths and thicknesses with either a bright finish,  a satin finish or a combination of the two.  A variety of precious metals can be used  -  white,  rose or yellow gold.

If you do not want a ring quite as bold looking as the one pictured above,  take a look at the dome ring that we made for different client (photograph below).  This variation of the ring incorporates diamonds from another piece of jewelry that she no longer wore.  We set her center diamond in an 18kt white gold half bezel.  The body of this dome is 18kt yellow gold with an accenting stripe of rose gold inlaid along the center of the band.  The side diamonds are burnish set into the rose gold strip with smaller diamonds along the side.

Diamond and Garnet dome style yellow gold ring inside view-  Bijoux Extraordinaire Custom Designed Jewelry

This ring is also lighter in weight and thickness.   The band is 6.2 millimeters wide at the top and tapers down to 4.1 millimeters at the base.  The tapered band allows for a more comfortable fit and a lighter feel on the finger.  This ring weighs 6.2 grams.

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