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Engraved Ring with Lavender Spinel

Engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel.

Lavender Spinel

The story of this beautiful ring begins with a handsome gentleman who wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a ring that would complement her beauty and showcase her favorite color,  lavender.

He chose a radiant-cut lavender spinel from Vietnam.   As you can see, the luscious light violet of the gemstone is brilliant and dazzling.   We then created a cool white platinum ring with rich engraving and a split bridge to showcase this beautiful spinel.

To create his ring we used the lost wax technique.   This ancient technique involved first carving a wax model of the ring and, then, carefully hand-engraving a decorative pattern on the surfaces of the model.   Next, the wax model was used to create a mold from which the platinum ring was cast.   The final step was to hand finish the ring to give it clean smooth surfaces and sharpen the engraved pattern.

Cost:   This beautiful ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to work with you to create a similar ring with the gemstone of your choice.  Please call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss design options and cost.

Measurements:  The lavender spinel measures 8.5 millimeters by 7.1 millimeters and weighs 3.2 carats.

Side view of engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel. Because each gemstone is unique, the platinum prongs and mounting were hand built to assure that the spinel is beautifully and securely set.   Note how symmetrical, even and smooth the prongs are.

The setting, is called a double-rung basket.   It forms a smooth, elegant transition with the band.

The engraved pattern is a series of simple, repeating chevron elements along the flat sides of the band.   This geometric design perfectly complements the simple geometry of the radiant-cut spinel and crisp lines of the ring.

Platinum is a wonderful metal, but it can be difficult to work with.   Therefore, our platinum smiths require a high degree in skill and a passion for excellence.   The results of their artistry and craftsmanship is apparent in this ring.

Side view of engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel.

Here you can see the elegant line of the "split bridge" band.   It is called a split bridge because it has both an "overpass" and an "underpass".   This design allows the ring to hold a deeper cut stone without creating the blocky appearance of a high setting.   The result is a dramatic look that is also comfortable to wear.

An important characteristic of fine rings is the "gauge" (or thickness) of the band.   If the band is too thin, it will quickly wear through.   For this ring we maintained an even thickness from front to back.   This creates a ring that will last several generations and keep on wearing and wearing and out Mr. Energizer Bunny!

Inside view of engraved platinum rin with lavender spinel.

Like all fine jewelry, the inside of the ring is as nicely finished as the outside.   Note the smooth polished surface, the crisp edges and symmetrical cut-out beneath the spinel.   This angle also highlights the flowing engraved pattern that covers the outer circumference of the ring.

Engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel.

Naturally, this ring proudly displays our hallmark ("BEL") and the assay mark for platinum ("PLAT").  All fine jewelry is properly indication of the quality of the metals and craftsmanship, as well as the maker's pride in their work.   When purchasing fine jewelry, you should always look for the maker's mark and a metal quality stamp.

Engraved platinum ring with lavender spinel.

Of course, we can recreate this ring with the gemstone of your choice.   You might consider a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, tsavorite garnet, red spinel or one of the many other striking gemstones.   A variety of precious metals can be used...all platinum or yellow gold and platinum or all gold in either yellow, rose or white .   The combinations are limitless.   You choose the gemstone, color and precious metals and we'll do the rest!

Now, more of the story about the couple for whom we made this ring.   Our thoughtful client wanted a stone that was lavender or violet because these were his girlfriend's favorite colors.   An added bonus....this particular lavender spinel was mined in Vietnam, which also happens to be his girlfriend's native land.   What a wonderful sentiment to feature her favorite color in a gemstone from her home land and set in a beautiful cool, white platinum ring.   Naturally she was tickled pink.....or should we say lavender!   To learn how happy Rodd and his girl friend are, please send them an e-mail.

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