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18kt Gold Reversible Bracelet

Reversible 18kt bracelet.

Choose a Side!

This elegant 18kt bracelet has a split personality....but they are both good company!   One side of the bracelet features beautifully engraved free-form links in yellow and white gold.   The other side presents a bolder look with puffy yellow gold links finished with an undulating, bright surface.

We like the textured yellow and white side for daytime and office wear.   The shinier, bolder all yellow side seems just right for evening and more formal occassions.   With this versatile bracelet you have the best of both worlds.

Cost:  Sold

Measurements:   This 18kt bracelet is 7.5" long, 0.44" wide and weighs 29.4 grams.

Close-up of lellow-and-gold side of bracelet. A close-up of the yellow-and-white side of the bracelet reveals the artistry of the free-from links....reminiscent of an ancient Japanese motif.   Or, perhaps, a woodblock print by M.C. Escher where one image flows effortlessly into the next.

The soft contrast between the textured "wings" and the brightly finished center of each link creates a dynamic look that is both sophisticated and fun.   You could wear this bracelet to the office with your most businesslike suit.   Or, it could complement your favorite sweater and jeans on a casual weekend off.   The contrast between white and yellow gold and smooth and engraved surfaces creates a look that goes well with everything!

The other side of the bracelet makes a bolder, more dramatic statement.   The highly polished, smooth links are real attention getters - wait till you see it glimmer in candle light!   An intimate dinner for two, a night at the opera, or just an informal gathering with friends are all occassions when this bracelet could be worn.

Fine jewelry should not be just beautiful and versatile, it must also be well made.   When evaluating the quality of a bracelet, like the one shown here, you should consider:

  1. The fineness of the finish.   Is the surface of the bracelet smooth and even?   Or, is it rough and pitted?

  2. The craftsmanship of the links.   Are unsightly seams or solder work visible?   Do the links feel sturdy and weighty or are they hollow and tinny?

  3. The sturdiness of the construction.   Are the links securely connected?   Will they stay that way?   Is the clasp sturdy and well constructed?
Close-up of all yellow side of bracelet.

As you can see in the many photographs, this reversible bracelet is extremely well made.   The surfaces of the links are smooth and evenly finished.   The links, themselves, are well crafted and securely fitted together; any seams or solder work have been well hidden.   As for the clasp, check out the close-up below....

Close up of Clasp.

This exceptional bracelet is securely held to your wrist by a precision-crafted, plunger clasp.   The tongue of the clasp (shown above) is crafted of white gold to assure that the clasp keeps its firmness and solid fit.   White gold is more resilient than yellow gold and , thus, is better suited for the "working" parts of a jewel.   We call this property of white gold "metal memory" - if white gold is compressed or bent, it more readily returns to its original shape.

Above the clasp is a safety lock which assures that the bracelet won't slip from your wrist even if the clasp is inadvertently opened.   Fine jewelry always deserves a few extra precautions.

Consumer Tip:   When purchasing a necklace or bracelet always closely examine the clasp and how it is attached to the links.   Clasps on truly fine jewelry always evidence quality craftsmanship and ease of operation.

Side View of Bracelet.
Finally, let's take one last look at this well-crafted bracelet.   In this side-view you can see the elegant "puffiness" of the links.   Note particularly how the bracelet will wear like a soft bangle on your wrist.   Unlike rigid bangles, which are susceptible to dings and dents, this versatile bracelet will adapt and adjust to the movements of the wearer.   Because of the give in its design, this stunning bracelet will retain its form and lustre long past less flexible jewels.

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