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Educational Links

Below are some of the better educational web sites we have found for jewelry and antique enthusiasts.   We hope you find this directory to be a valuable resource.

Help us improve this directory!   Are there great sites we should add?   Are there any broken links or sites we should remove from the directory?  Let  us  know what you think?   Happy browsing!

Museums  &  Exhibitions

Alexander Palace  -  The jewels,  palaces and lives of Russia's last Imperial family,  the Romanovs.  Check out all the glitter at  Jewels of the Romanovs !

American Museum of Natural History  -  Among the many wonderful exhibits featured on this museum's web site are  The Nature of Diamonds  and  Amber: Window to the Past.

British Museum  -  Informative collections and exhibits about cultures (including jewelry) from throughout the world and history.  Take an online tour of ancient Egypt.

Hermitage Museum  -  View a collection of Catherine The Great's snuff boxes or extraordinary jewels from the East.  Find a wealth treasures by searching for jewelry or gems on their site.

National Design Museum  -  The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum has several wonderful online exhibits on  Huguenot Silver  and the  Jewels of Lalique.

Smithsonian Gem Collection  -  Take a virtual tour of the Janet Annenberg Hooker Hall of Geology, Gems, and Minerals at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  Also visit the Smithsonian  Depeartment of Mineral Sciences

Education and Learning

Gemology Project  -  An online encyclopedia with a wealth of information about gemology, gemstones and related topics.  A very useful resource.

GIA  -  The Gemological Institute of America offers education and training for jewelry professionals.   Topics covered include gemstone identification and grading, jewelry display and sales training.

International School of Gemology  -  A wonderful web site with a wealth of information about gemstones and gemology.  The ISG offers an excellent series of affordable courses on gemstones and jewelry.

Revere Academy  -  The Revere Academy is one of the premier schools offering instruction in all phases of jewelry design and fabrication.   Many of today's master gold and platinumsmiths learned their craft here.

Periodicals and Articles

The Bijoux News  -  A newsletter for connoisseurs and lovers of fine jewelry and gemstones.

Bijoux Reading Room  -  An extensive library of articles about jewelry and gemstones.

eNAMEL Newsletter  -  A bi-monthly newsletter devoted to the arts of the enamelist and the engraver.

Jewelry Glossary  -  A wonderful illustrated glossary of jewelry and gemstone related terms.  Learn how  "rhinestone"  got its name!

Ask About Antiques  -  A wealth of online articles and information about jewelry and other fine antiques.  Offered at a modest subscription fee.

Lapidary Journal  -  All about gems,  gem cutting,  beads,  minerals and jewelry making.

Maine Antique Digest Magazine  -  Articles on antiques.   Auction and show listing.

Smithsonian Magazine  -  A wonderful resource.  Just enter "jewelry" or "gems" in their keyword search.

Silver Magazine  -  One of the best periodicals covering the artistry of antique and 20th century silver.

The Newtown Bee  -  Articles about antiques and auction news.

Unravel The Gavel  -  Antique and auction news from New Hampshire and northern New England.

Books and Book Sellers

Whitehouse Books  -  A wonderful selection of new and out-of-print books on jewelry,  art glass,  the decorative arts and much,  much more.

Other Resources

All about Amber  -  An informative site about this organic gem.

American Hatpin Society  -  A wonderful website created by the the American Hatpin Society.

American Opal Society  -  A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting interest and knowledge in the most alluring of gems,  opal.

Diamond Talk  -  Active forums with a wealth of information about diamonds, colored gemstones and jewelry.

Greek Jewelry  -  Five thousand years of tradition,  the jewels of ancient and contemporary Greece.  A fascinating site created by ELKA,  the Hellenic Silver and Goldsmith Centre.

ICA  -  The International Colored Gemstone Associations web site with all sorts of good information about colored gemstones

Jewelers of America  -  Useful information for the jewelry consumer.   Test your jewelry IQ.

Society of American Silversmiths  -  Everything you ever wanted to know about the art of the silversmith.

Spratling Silver  -  A wonderful and comprehensive web site on the silver creations of William Spratling.

Victorian Hairwork Society  -  A great resource all about antique and contemporary hairwork jewelry.

Thank you for visiting our directory of Educational Web Sites.

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