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Gemstones & Jewelry: The Art of Buying!!

By  Judith Anderson  GG, CGA

Have you ever been intimidated by a jewelry sales person?  Have you ever worried that a jewel or gemstone you are purchasing does not represent high quality or a good value?  These are issues constantly confronting the jewelry consumer.

Purchasing fine jewelry should be an exciting and emotional experience.   It is a wonderful way to celebrate the special events and loved ones of our lives.   But, acquiring a jewel of high quality and lasting value requires gemological and appraisal expertise.   This is especially true in today's marketplace where misrepresented gemstones, under-karated precious metals and shoddy craftsmanship are all to common.

There are three ways you, as a jewelry consumer, can protect yourself:

1.  Become an educated consumer.   Jewelry education is the best way to increase your enjoyment and confidence when acquiring fine jewelry.   Remember, an educated consumer is usually more knowledgeable than the average jewelry sales person.

2.   Comparative will increase your knowledge and uncover the best deal.   Do not buy the first item you see, no matter how persuasive the sales person or how good the "deal" appears to be.

3. Enlist the services of a professional gemologist and appraiser.   An independent gemologist will provide you with the technical expertise you need to acquire a jewel of high quality and lasting value.   An appraiser assures that the jewel is purchased at a fair price.

At Bijoux Extraordinaire we work for the jewelry consumer.   We offer several important services to assist you in purchasing precious jewelry and gemstones.

We can help you purchase an important diamond by acting as your broker.  When we serve a client as their broker,  we act as their diamond expert.  It becomes our job to help the client find gemstones of high quality and value,  while also saving them time and money.  To learn more about our brokering service,  please visit our  diamond and gemstone brokering  page.

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