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Selecting a Diamond Broker!

By  Judith Anderson  GG, CGA

In an  earlier article,  I described how many cost-conscious consumers are hiring diamond brokers to assist them in the purchase of expensive diamonds and colored gemstones.  The advantages of working with a diamond broker are three-fold:
1.  Significantly Lower Cost  -  By working with a broker you will be purchasing your diamond directly from a cutter or wholesaler.

2.  Higher Quality  -  A qualified broker assures that the color,  cut,  clarity and weight of any diamond you consider purchasing are accurately and fairly described by the seller.

3.  Time Saved  -  The broker is responsible for locating in the diamond markets the 3 or 4 stones that best meet your desires and budget.

In short,  because the diamond broker works for you,  you avoid typical retail mark-ups,  misrepresented or misgraded diamonds,  and the time and frustration needed to locate and compare different diamonds in different jewelry stores.

The key to successfully working with a diamond broker is to first find one who is knowledgeable and committed to working for you.  There are many individuals who are willing to sell you a diamond,  but few who will work in your best interests.  To help you find a qualified diamond broker,  I offer the following guidelines:

1.  A qualified diamond broker must be an expert in the appraisal and grading of diamonds.  At a minimum the broker should be a Graduate Gemologist (GG) trained by the Gemological Institute of America and a Certified Gemologist Appraiser accredited by the American Gem Society.  Each of these organizations is dedicated to gemological excellence and enforces very high professional standards for their accredited members.

2.  In addition to expertise in evaluating diamonds,  your broker must also be knowledgeable about the retail,  wholesale and alternative markets for diamonds.  You want to work with a broker who knows where to find the specific stones you desire and how to negotiate the lowest possible cost.

3.  Finally,  a broker who is truly working for you,  will fully disclose the wholesale cost of any diamonds you consider.  If a "broker" is unwilling to show you the sellers invoice,  do not work with them.

Consumer Alert:  Be wary of diamond merchants who are selling stones off of a standardized price list at allegedly "wholesale" costs.  Often the prices shown on these lists are not at true wholesale and include a significant hidden margin.  Guess who keeps the hidden margin!

When choosing a diamond broker invest the time to learn about their credentials,  experience in the diamond markets,  and willingness to openly work with you.  A qualified broker will respect your concerns and gladly answer any questions.  A qualified broker will also take the time to learn about what you desire in a diamond and educate you about the brokering process.  If they do not, keep on looking!

Bijoux Extraordinaire is a practice of diamond and jewelry experts who can help you purchase a beautiful diamond of high value and quality.  Among the services we offer are diamond brokering,  custom jewelry design and jewelry appraisals.  For more information about our diamond brokering services,  please visit our  Diamond and Gemstone Brokering  page.

To learn more about diamond brokers and how they can help you save time and money,  please read our article,  What is a Diamond Broker?

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