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Lemon-Yellow  Barion-cut  Apatite

Lemony yellow 6.99 carat barion-cut apatite.

6.99 carat Apatite

Gemologist's Notes:
A lemony yellow Apatite from Mexico that is sure to brighten your collection.  Apatite is a softer gem that is rated  5 to  5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.  It looks great as a loose gem or can be set in a protected jewel like a pendant or brooch.  Apatite is in the hexagonal crystal system and naturally occurs in a rainbow of colors:  including green,  yellow,  blue,  purple and reddish brown.


Weight: 6.99 carats

Measurements: 12.5 mm long  x  9.8 mm wide  x  8.2 mm deep

Cut Style: Barion cut

Color: very slightly greenish Yellow hue
light tone
medium saturation

Cost: $485

We specialize in locating striking gemstones and setting them in
beautiful jewels ....

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