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A Wonderful Trapiche Emerald 

Trapiche emerald.

2.98 ct Trapiche Emerald

Gemologist's Notes:
Trapiche emeralds display a rare pattern of dark lines radiating from a central hexagonal core,  like the spokes of a wheel.  We chose this trapiche because of the wonderful symmetry and crispness of the spoke-like pattern set against the rich bluish-Green color.    We believe this emerald was found in the Muzo emerald mine in Colombia.

The term  "trapiche"  has an interesting origin.  A trapiche is a six spoke wheel or cog used in processing sugar cane.  When Trapiche emeralds were first discovered the spoke-like pattern in the emerald reminded the miners of the sugar cane processing wheel.  Hence the name!


Weight: 2.98 carats

Measurements: 9 millimeters in diameter

Cut Style: round cabochon

Color: slightly bluish-Green hue
medium-dark tone
moderate saturation

Cost: We have set this beautiful gemstone in a striking  18kt gold and platinum ring.

Treatments: It is common practice for gem cutters to oil emeralds to enhance the apparent color and/or clarity of the gemstone.  You should assume that an emerald has been treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise.  We believe that this emerald has been oiled.

We have set this beautiful gemstone in a striking  18kt gold and platinum ring.

Custom created Trapiche emerald ring. (J7258)

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