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Rainbow Hematite and Iolite Drop
Pendant in 18kt Gold

Rainbow Hematite pendant with an Iolite drop crafted in 18kt gold.

Deco Hematite Pendant!

A glistening spectrum of colors is the focal point of this striking pendant.  The featured gemstone is a trapezoid-shape Rainbow Hematite from Brazil set in warm 18kt yellow gold.  Above the Hematite,  we crafted a fan-shape arch with vertical ribs against a matt finish background.  We then cap set a small acorn-like Iolite and suspended it from the base of the pendant.

We also created a beautiful pair of  Rainbow Hematite earrings  to match this pendant and a stunning  Rainbow Hematite ring  to complete the ensemble.

Side view of Rainbow Hematite pendant with an Iolite drop crafted in 18kt gold.

From the side you can see the depth of the smooth bezel walls that follow the shape of the Hematite.  The bezel walls are thick and sturdy to best protect the gemstone.

The bail is fashioned behind the fan-shape arch with two round wires.  The opening of the bail is large enough to accommodate neck wires,  round chains and even omega chokers.

Rear view of Rainbow Hematite pendant.

The rear of the pendant is as nicely finished as the front.  Note the upward sweeping bail wires which form an inverted  "V"  behind the arch.

We repeat the inverted "V" of the bail wires in the cross-bar supporting the back of the Hematite.  The Hematite is backed with onyx to support and protect the rear of the gem.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark (BEL) and precious metal marks.

The cross-bar shows the Bijoux Extraordinaire registered hallmark (BEL) and the precious metal mark for the purity of the gold (750).  All fine jewels should be marked by the maker and with the purity of the precious metals.

Name:  Rainbow Hematite Pendant!

Cost: This Rainbow Hematite pendant has sold.  We can create a pendant in this style for you with the gemstones,  precious metal (platinum and 18kt yellow gold) and design elements of your choice.  To discuss design options, costs and gemstones,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

This pendant is handcrafted in 18kt gold.  The pendant measures  1 5/8" from the top of the ribbed arch to the tip of the Iolite.  The pendant is  3/4" wide at the top of the arch.

Gemstone Notes:
Rainbow Hematite is usually found in Brazil in thin plates that are often backed with chalcedony or other quartz material to increase the gemstone's strength and durability.  The Rainbow Hematite set in this pendant has been backed.

Our specialty is creating beautiful jewels with striking gemstones.
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