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Striking Demantoid Garnet

Trillium Demantoid Garnet weighing 1.38 carats. (CS8677)

Demantoid Garnet

A striking demantoid garnet with a vivid green hue and subtle flashes of yellow.  This captivating gem displays the excellent fire and brilliance for which this rare gem is renowned.

Demantoid garnet was first discovered in the late 1800's in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  Like alexandrite it was a favorite of the Russian czars and the preeminent Russian jeweler Karl Fabergé.

Demantoid garnet has a dispersion index exceeding that of diamonds.  This results in the gemstones captivating brilliance and fire.  In fact, when first discovered demantoids were thought to be green diamonds.  It is little wonder that the name "demantoid" is derived from a French word meaning diamond-like.

Cost: Although this striking gemstone has sold,  we can help you acquire a similar gem.  Please inquire.

Color: vibrant green with flashes of yellow

Cut: This trillium-cut demantoid measures 6.5 millimeters along the sides.

Weight: 1.38 carats

Gemstone Note: It is not an uncommon practice for gemstones to be heat treated by cutters to improve the color and appearance.  We believe this demantoid garnet has been heat treated.

Here are a few design ideas that would be ideal for this exceptional gem ...

A cushion-cut Tsavorite garnet set in a beautifully hand crafted and engraved platinum ring. Architectural Tourmaline ring. (J3283) Engraved Koi fish and Tourmaline ring. (J8709)

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