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Steely Blue Radiant-cut Sapphire

A steely blue elongated octagon Sapphire. (CS8663)

Octagon Sapphire

When looking for a gemstone to feature in a custom designed jewel,  I seek a gem that best captures the essence of the design.  I found this beautiful sapphire on a buying trip and fell in love with its elegant shape and the cool, crisp steely blue color.  This sapphire is ideal for a dramatic Art Deco design with trapezoid-shape or baguette diamonds as side stones.

Sapphires are found in many shades of the blue.  Each shade of blue has special meanings and thoughts associated with it.  For example:

True blue - someone loyal and faithful

Out of the blue - something unexpected

Blue ribbon - first rate, top prize

Blueblood - a person of noble birth, royalty

Blue stocking - a well-read or scholarly woman

Bluebook - register of socially prominent people

The Blues - popular style of music sometimes characterized by melancholy melodies and words

Baby blues - Blue eyes

I think this particular sapphire is somewhere between "Out of the Blue" and "Baby Blue".  The elongated octagonal shape combined with a steely blue, almost pastel shade has a dramatic presence.  When set in platinum with geometric shaped side diamonds, this striking sapphire will make a statement!

Sapphires are generally cut in the cushion shape so the shape of this sapphire is very special.  It was cut by a talented American lapidary (gem cutter) who specializes in beautiful gemstones.  The precise placement of the facets and angles, the dramatically bevelled (canted) corners and the beautiful proportions are all signs of a master cutter with exceptional skills.

Cost: Although this striking gemstone has sold,  we can help you acquire a similar gem.  Please inquire.

Color: bluish-Violet hue, medium tone and very slightly grayish saturation

Cut: This beautiful Sapphire is emerald cut in the shape of an elongated octagon.  It measures 6.8 millimeters in length,  5.9 millimeters in width and  5.7 millimeters in depth.

Weight: 2.217 carats

Gemstone Note: It is common practice to heat Sapphires to improve their color and appearance. You should assume that all Sapphires have been heat treated unless the seller specifically guarantees otherwise. This sapphire is natural and has not been heat treated.

Sapphire is an excellent choice for engagement rings because it is extremely durable.  It is the hardest of all the colored gemstones and ideal for daily wear.
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