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Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond in
a Hand Engraved Ring

Engagement ring with fancy yellow diamond and matching platinum band.

Fancy Yellow!

A fabulous fancy intense yellow diamond is the focal point of this elegantly engraved platinum ring.  What better way to complement this spectacular beauty,  than with two beautiful half-moon,  near-colorless diamonds!

These diamonds are proudly displayed in a custom hand-engraved platinum ring.  We also created a matching custom-fit wedding band set with smaller brilliant-cut diamonds along a crescent-shape curve.

Warning:  There are so many brilliant diamonds set in these rings that you may want to put on your sun glasses before viewing the rest of the photographs!!!
Fancy yellow diamond set in a platinum ring with a matching custom fit band.

The matching platinum band is custom contoured so that it fits snuggly against the engagement ring.  Seven brilliant-cut diamonds are channel set across the top of the band.  The diamonds are graduated in size so that they form a smooth,  gentle curve.

The first step in creating a beautiful ring is selecting the right gemstones.  The fancy intense yellow diamond has a GIA certificate confirming that its color is natural.  When purchasing a fancy color diamond,  you should request a lab report that indicates the diamond's origin of color:  that is,  whether the color is natural or the result of high-tech treatments.  Qualified gemological labs that can provide you with color origin reports include the Gemological Institute of America's Gem Trade Laboratory and the European Gem Lab in New York.

Consumer Alert:  Natural colored diamonds have a higher value than treated stones.  If a seller is unwilling to prove that an allegedly natural diamond is untreated,  you may want to shop elsewhere.  Caveat emptor!
Side view of hand engraved platinum ring.

Once you have selected beautiful gemstones you need to set them in a way that creates a pleasing,  dazzling display.  In this ring the radiant-cut center diamond is set slightly above the half-moon side diamonds.  The side diamonds were specially selected so that they are slightly smaller than the center stone.  This gives the lay out of the stones an elegant,  tiered (step-like) look.  Note how the side stones have been angled downward to follow the contour of the ring.

The above side view reveals a  "hidden treasure  -  16  small round diamonds set along the milgrained edges of the mounting's cross rungs.  Eight small diamonds are set on each side of the engagement ring offering a perfect complement to the shimmer of the engraved platinum surfaces.

Side view of engraved platinum band.

The custom-fit platinum band also has a secret.  Thirteen small brilliant-cut diamonds are bead set along the outwardly curved upper face of the band.  They complement the  "hidden treasures"  of the engagement ring.

Our client was concerned that her ring and band,  glittering with so many diamonds,  might  "roll"  on her finger.  We flattened the base of the rings slightly so that these sparkling beauties will always face up!  We can make this ring for you with a curved base,  a slightly flattened base (as above),  or a broader square base.  The choice is yours.

Please note that custom-fit bands are contoured to wrap around the gemstones of an engagement ring.  Because every engagement ring is different,  the matching wedding bands will vary from ring to ring and with the tastes of the wearer.  Please visit our other engagement rings to see a variety of custom-fit wedding bands.

Smooth, finished underside of engagement ring.

Like all our fine jewelry,  the underside of this ring is beautifully polished and finished.  We believe that beautiful jewelry should look as good on the bottom and underside as it does face up.

Notice the symmetrical,  geometric cut-outs beneath each diamond and the smooth,  seamless joints between the settings.  No tell-tale solder or messy seam lines here.

Lesser quality craftsmen often leave behind visible seams that are unsightly and often structurally problematic.  We insist on smooth,  even continuity from section to section.

Cost: This beautiful set of rings was custom created for a special client.  We would love to work with you to create similar rings with the diamonds and gemstones of your choice.  Please call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email  to discuss design options and cost.


The fancy yellow diamond is radiant cut,  weighs 2.03 carats and measures  7.9  by  7.4  millimeters.  The two half-moon diamonds weigh a total of  0.88 carat and measure  6.4 millimeters along the base.  The other diamonds set in the ring and matching band weigh a total of  0.56 carats.  No wonder these rings sparkle!

We have created hand-engraved engagement rings in a variety of styles,  precious metals and gemstones.  We would love to help you custom create a ring using the gemstones of your choice.

The center stone could be a diamond,  ruby,  sapphire or any other colored gemstone you desire.  For the side stones you might consider diamonds,  rubies,  sapphires or emeralds.  The shapes of the center and side stones are also up to you.  You might consider rounds,  emerald-cuts,  princess-cuts,  trapezoids,  kites,  baguettes,  pears,  ovals,  hearts,  or trilliants.  You pick the color and shape of the gemstones and we will do the rest.

We love creating beautiful rings with radiant fancy color diamonds ....

A brilliant fancy intense blue diamonds set in a handcrafted platinum ring.Oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

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