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Fancy Yellow and Princess Diamonds
set in a Platinum Ring

Platinum anniversary ring featuring a fancy yellow diamond and 19 princess cut diamonds.

Diamond Cascade!

Our client,  a prominent physician,  wanted to create an exceptional ring to celebrate  20 years of marriage.  One day he saw a yellow diamond at a local jewelry store and was intrigued by the gem's unusual color.  So he contacted us to learn more about  fancy color diamonds  and help him find just the right stone.

We contacted diamond cutters throughout the world and reviewed many fine yellow diamonds for our client.  Working with him via email and the phone,  we helped him select the 2-carat plus Fancy Intense Yellow diamond pictured above.

Platinum anniversary ring featuring a fancy yellow diamond and 19 princess cut diamonds.

The next step was to help our client design a custom ring to showcase his brilliant yellow diamond.  He wanted a dramatic effect,  but with understated elegance.  So,  we helped him acquire four princess cut diamonds to complement the center stone and create a sparkling cascade across the top of the ring.  To achieve this effect the platinum ring had to be handcrafted and the diamonds precisely set,  so that there would be an even, graceful flow from diamond to diamond.

Side view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

As we were designing the ring,  our client had a wonderful romantic inspiration.  Since the ring was to celebrate a  20th anniversary,  he felt the jewel should sparkle with 20 diamonds .... one for each year of marriage.  So,  we channel-set  15 small princess cut diamonds along the band.  Then to accent the diamonds the edges of the channel setting were hand milgrained.

Side view of platinum anniversary ring with a fancy yellow diamond.

This elegant jewel would not be complete without one last touch .... flowing hand engraving down the sides of the band.  The engraved design complements the graceful flow of the five-stone setting and adds a final touch of elegance.

The platinum smith we choose to create this ring and set the diamonds did an exceptional job.  Note the sturdiness of the prongs that hold the larger diamonds,  the thickness of the band and the depth of the engraving.  This ring,  like all our fine jewels,  was created to last a lifetime.

Platinum anniversary ring featuring a fancy yellow diamond and 19 princess cut diamonds.

Now the rest of the story!  Before our client presented this extraordinary ring to his wife,  he gave her a new pair of sunglasses.  When she asked what they were for,  he smiled and said  "Honey,  you are going to need these for your real gift!"  He then handed her a dazzling cascade of diamonds.

Name:  Diamond Cascade!

Cost: This platinum ring was custom created for a special client.  We would love to create a ring in this style for you with the gemstones,  precious metals and design elements of your choice.  A variety of gemstones, shapes and colors can be considered for the center stone.  Also,  this style of ring can be scaled down to accommodate smaller gemstones.

To discuss design options,  gemstones and costs,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.


The center fancy yellow diamond is a square cushion shape and weighs over two carats.  The four larger princess cut diamonds weight over 2.5 carats and the 15 smaller princess cut diamonds weigh a total 1.0 carats.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark and platinum mark.

All fine jewelry should be signed by its creator and marked for precious metals.  Here
you can see our hallmark (BEL) and the metal mark for platinum (PLAT)
.... your assurances of fine quality.

We specialize in creating beautiful custom engagement and anniversary rings.
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