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An Oval Diamond with Pink Diamonds
in a Platinum and Rose Gold Ring

Oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

Pink Fleur!

A brilliant white diamond,  cool sleek platinum,  warm rose gold and dazzling pink diamonds.  Wow!  What a combination!

This bold, elegant design features a beautiful 2-carat oval diamond set in a platinum half-bezel and flanked by six graduated Fancy Intense Pink diamonds.  The ring is custom designed and handcrafted in platinum with rose gold accents.

Oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

The pink diamonds set in rose gold channels along the shoulders of the ring.  The edges of the channels are milgrained to accent the sparkle of the diamonds.

At the end of the tapered rose gold channels we placed a small platinum ribbon to finish the line of the diamonds and add a touch of contrast.

Shoulder view of oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

Pink diamonds are quite rare  -  one of natures true beauties.  Most natural pink diamonds are found in India and the Argyle diamond mines of Australia.  The pink diamonds set in this ring are from Australia.  They are a lush pink hue,  beautifully matched and sure to turn a few heads.

Natural fancy color diamonds are graded into a range of color classifications:

Fancy Faint
Fancy Light
Fancy Intense
Fancy Vivid
Fancy Deep

The last three classifications  - Fancy Intense, Vivid and Deep -  are much rarer than the lighter, less saturated grades.  To learn more about colored diamonds,  be sure to visit the  Bijoux Library  where you will find  several articles  on these dazzling beauties.

Side view of oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

This side view shows the many intricate elements that make up this jewel.  The walls of the bezel setting are finished with a stippled texture.  This highlights the striking rose gold fleur-du-lis that accents the bezel wall above a small window cut-out. 

On each side of the fleur-du-lis,  rose gold scrolls are recessed in the platinum sides of the ring.  The larger end of each scroll is set with a round brilliant diamond.  The platinum recess beneath the scrolls is stipple finished to once again highlight the brightly polished gold.

Inside view of custom rose gold and platinum ring.

Of course the true test of fine craftsmanship is the view  "under the hood."  Notice the smooth,  symmetrical under bezel beneath the oval diamond,  the crisp cutouts beneath each pink diamond (called á jouré) and the high polish along each surface and edge.

Close up of Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark.

As with all our fine jewels,  our registered hallmark ("BEL") and the quality of the platinum and gold is proudly stamped on the inside of this ring.  The Bijoux Extraordinaire hallmark is you assurance of quality,  value and superior craftsmanship.

Oval diamond set with 6 brilliant pink diamonds in a custom rose gold and platinum ring.

Our Pink Fleur design incorporates elements from two other ring designs we have created:  Wow!  and  Dazzling Diamonds!  We love creating custom rings featuring a variety of elements and gemstones.  To learn more about creating your own dream ring,  please give us a call  (603 624-8672)  or  send us an email.

Name:  Pink Fleur!


This ring was custom created for a couple celebrating a special occasion.

The center oval diamond weighs just over 2.1 carats and measures  10.0 by 7.6 millimeters.  The six pink diamonds are graded Fancy Intense Pink and weigh just under 1 carat in total.

Here is what our clients said about their new ring:

We picked up Joni's ring this afternoon and we were blown away!  It is absolutely beautiful.  Prettier than we ever imagined it could be.  You did a great job with the design and advice.  Thank you so much for all your help.
                                                                   Jim & Joni

We specialize in creating beautiful custom rings for special occasions.
Here are a few of our recent creations ....

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