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Iolite and Green Tourmaline in a
Platinum Ring

Iolite and tourmaline ring crafted in platinum.

Iolite and Tourmaline!

A deep, rich blue iolite and vibrant green tourmalines give this elegant ring its sparkle and color.  The ring is handcrafted in platinum with a double band that rises up to meet the gemstones.

Iolite,  once known as  "water sapphire" is a fine gemstone that ranges in color from a light sapphire-like blue to a stronger violet blue.  This iolite is cushion-shaped and has a hint of purple and violet that are reminiscent of tanzanite.  Iolite is found in several locations throughout the world:  including Sri Lanka, Brazil and Norway.

Side view of iolite and tourmaline ring crafted in platinum.

From the side you can see a "hidden treasure" we added to the ring.  Beneath the violet blue iolite we set a small round brilliant-cut diamond on each side of the ring between the upper and lower galleries of the setting.  The sparkle of the diamonds is the perfect complement to the intriguing blue of the iolite and rich green of the tourmalines.

Also note the thickness of the ring's band and the sturdiness of the setting that holds the iolite and tourmalines.  This assures that the gemstones are securely protected and that the ring will wear beautifully for many years.

Iolite and tourmaline ring crafted in platinum.

The band of the ring was hand crafted from two thick platinum "wires" that were brought together to create what is called a "double band."  In this style of double band the outside of the ring shows the rounded contours of the two "wires" while the inside is polished smooth.  This creates a sturdy band that gracefully narrows as it sweeps upward to meet the two tourmalines.

Name:  Iolite and Tourmaline!

Cost: This Iolite and Tourmaline ring has sold.  Please visit our  Rings Extraordianire Gallery  where we feature other beautiful rings.

Or,  we can custom create a ring in this style for you using the gemstones and precious metals of your choice.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email,  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.

The cushion-shape Iolite is a checkerboard cut and weighs  1.98 carats. The trillium cut Chrome Tourmalines weigh a total of  0.88 carats.  The two small diamonds weigh a total of  0.14 carats and are  E color and  VS clarity.  The ring is finger size 6 3/4 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Gemstone Trivia:
Not only is Iolite a beautiful gemstone,  it was also instrumental in the discovery of North America.  When the Vikings sailed forth from Scandinavia in the 9th and 10th centuries they used thin pieces of Iolite as polarizing filters.  These crude filters allowed the intrepid early explorers to precisely spot the position of the sun on the horizon and thus sail back and forth across the ocean.

Designing beautiful rings with striking gemstones is one of our specialties.
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