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Star Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

La Lune

Star Sapphires are wonderful, mysterious gemstones that come alive when seen with a single light source such as the sun.  The star effect,  known as "asterism,"  is a natural optical phenomenon caused by tiny needle-shape silk-like inclusions trapped within the Sapphire.  The inclusions bend light entering the Sapphire and create a six-ray star.
Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

This handcrafted platinum ring features a stunning blue Star Sapphire that weighs 4.92 carats.  The Star Sapphire is accented with two crescent moon brilliant-cut Diamonds and six small round brilliant Diamonds channel set along the shoulders of the ring.   We matched the crescent moon Diamonds to the size and shape of the Star Sapphire to create a perfectly contoured layout.

A final touch to this striking design is a soft satin finish polished on the tops and sides of the ring that emits a subtle shimmering glow complementing the star effect of the Sapphire and the dazzling array of light from the brilliant-cut Diamonds.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

The Star Sapphire and crescent moon Diamonds are set in a platinum bezel that surrounds the three stones as a single unit.  The crisp, sturdy rim of platinum highlights the layout of the gemstones and there is no metal between the gems.  This is truly a masterpiece that shows off our setter's talent  -  setting gemstones in this fashion requires exceptional skill.

The six round brilliant-cut Diamonds are channel set in a crisp, even line,  as if dancing along the shoulders of the ring.  We also polished the inside of the band with a slightly flattened surface for a comfortable fit on your finger.  This ring is beautifully designed and expertly crafted.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

Note the sturdy bezel walls that appear to flow out of the graceful platinum band.  The outer surface of the band is softly rounded creating a smooth, clean look that accentuates the shape of the bezel setting and the blue dome of the Star Sapphire.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

The inside of this ring is finished as nicely as the top.  The underside of the Star Sapphire's bezel setting is crisp, symmetrical and beautifully polished.  Beneath each crescent moon Diamond is a similarly shaped underbezel.  At Bijoux Extraordinaire,  our philosophy is to create jewels that are beautifully finished on all sides,  even the underside.  This is the epitome of exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Close up of Bijoux Extraordinaire (BEL) Hallmark.

As with all the jewels we create,  this ring displays the Bijoux Extraordinaire registered hallmark  ("BEL").  The precious metal mark ("PLAT") for the purity of the platinum (95%) is also visible.  These hallmarks are your assurance of exceptional design,  superior craftsmanship and lasting value.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

Name:  La Lune

Cost: Although this ring has sold,  you will find many more beautiful sapphire rings in the Sapphire Ring Gallery.


This handcrafted platinum ring is set with a  4.92-carat blue Star Sapphire.  The Star Sapphire is approximately  9.7 millimeters in diameter.  The two crescent-shape Diamonds are brilliant cuts and weigh a total of 0.37 carats.  They are E color and VS1 clarity.  The six small round channel-set Diamonds weigh a total of 0.06 carats.  The ring is finger size 6 1/4 and can be resized to fit most fingers.

Star Sapphire and Lunar Diamond platinum ring. (J8521)

We love creating striking rings with beautiful Star Sapphires.
Here are a few nore of our recent creations ...

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