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Majestic Asscher-cut Diamond Ring

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

The Majestic

An Asscher-cut diamond of mesmerizing beauty is featured in this spectacular custom ring.  The captivating optics of the Asscher-cut diamond (an effect we call "The Hall of Mirrors") draws your eyes into the depths of this masterfully cut stone.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

A unique center diamond requires something special for the side stones.  We selected two scintillating trapezoid-cut diamonds.  The sparkle of the side diamonds is the perfect contrast to the mesmerizing geometry of the Asscher cut.

The side diamonds are set in dramatic settings.  The settings sweep outward from the center of the ring and rise to meet the narrow end of the diamonds.  The Asscher-cut diamond majestically soars above,  securely held by four sturdy platinum prongs.

Side view of custom platinum ring set with an Asscher-cut diamond and two trapezoid-cut diamonds.

Beneath the Asscher-cut diamond there are two five-petal flowers crafted in rose gold.  In the center of each flower we bezel set a small Fancy Vivid Pink diamond.  The flowers are complemented by serpentine scrolls crafted in rose gold and set beneath the side diamonds.

This ring was designed in a series of sweeping levels that rise upward to showcase the Asscher-cut diamond.  The effect is reminiscent of the grand movie palaces of the Art Deco era,  hence the name The Majestic.

Shoulder view of handcrafted platinum ring with Asscher cut diamond.

The shoulders of the ring are gently tapered as they rise up to meet the trapezoid-cut diamonds.  The band was hand crafted from square platinum stock.  The edges of the band were softly rounded to create a more comfortable fit.

Inside view of handcrafted platinum ring with Asscher cut diamond.

The inside of the ring is as nicely finished as the top.  Note how the platinum prongs holding the Asscher-cut diamond flow gracefully into the band of the ring.  The under gallery beneath the rose gold flowers flows gracefully into the upward sweeping bar settings of the trapezoid-cut diamonds.

When creating a ring with numerous elements,  it is important that all of the elements flow together into a unified, beautiful design.  The integrity of the design should be apparent from all directions.

Close-up of Bijoux Extraordinaire (BEL) and precious metal hallmarks.

All of our rings are stamped with our registered Hallmark ("BEL") and the purity of the precious metals ("PLAT" and "18K").  These marks are your assurance of exceptional craftsmanship and design.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

Name:  The Majestic

Cost: This diamond ring was custom made for a special client.  Our specialty is helping couples create unique and beautiful rings.  Please give us a call (603 624-8672) or send us an email,  to discuss gemstones, design options and costs.


The Asscher-cut diamond weighs just under 3.50 carats and is E color with VVS2 clarity.  The two trapezoid-cut diamonds are beautifully matched and weigh a total of 1.51 carats.

An Asscher-cut diamond set with two trapezoid-cut diamonds in a custom platinum ring

The Story Behind Asscher-cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut was first created in 1902 by a renowned diamond cutter,  Joseph Asscher.  Several years later Joseph Asscher was chosen by King Edward VII to cut the famed Cullinan diamond for the English crown jewels.

Asscher-cut diamonds are usually octagonal in shape or a square with beveled corners.  They have a deep step-cut crown and pavilion that create what we call the Hall of Mirrors effect.  When you look directly into a well-cut Asscher diamond you see a wonderful illusion like an infinite hallway of reflecting mirrors.

The Asscher cut of the early 1900s evolved into the elegant Emerald cut that became so popular during the Art Deco era.  Many of the antique diamond cuts  - Asscher, Old European and Rose cuts -  are now experiencing a revival of popularity.

We love to design striking rings for beautiful Asscher-cut diamonds.
Here are a few more of our recent creations ....

Asscher-cut diamond set with two Fancy Pink diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.An Asscher-cut diamond set with two calf-head diamonds in a handcrafted platinum ring.Royal Asscher diamond set with Fancy Vivid pink diamonds in a custom platinum ring.

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