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Vibrant Orange Medicine Wheel Spessartite Garnet

A vibrant orange Medicine Wheel Cut Spessartite Garnet. (CS8666)

Medicine Wheel Spessartite

This vibrant 4-carat Spessartite Garnet, originally from the mines of Africa, boasts a blazing orange hue like a brilliant tropical sunset on the horizon.

This exceptional Garnet was cut by a talented American lapidary who sought to release the beauty and fiery brilliance of the gemstone.  He succeeded.  The cut is known as a "Medicine Wheel".

Each facet is strategically placed to create dancing patterns of light and dazzling fire in every direction.  At the North, South, East and Western points of the gem are small polished indentations adding to the dramatic lines of this wondrous gem.

Cost: Although this striking gemstone has sold,  we can help you acquire a similar gem.  Please inquire.

Color: orangy Yellow hue, medium-light tone and strong saturation level

Cut: round modified brilliant Medicine Wheel cut.  measuring approximately 9.4 millimeters in diameter.

Weight: 4.18 carats

Clarity: VVS

Gemstone Note: It is common practice to heat and/or otherwise treat gemstones to improve their color and appearance. We believe this Spessartite is natural and has not been treated.

If you love this gem and are looking for inspiration, here are
several designs you might want to consider ...

Custom amethyst and diamond pendant. A cushion-cut Tsavorite garnet set in a beautifully hand crafted and engraved platinum ring. Hand-engraved Spessartitie Garnet ring.

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